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2 kopecks in silver 1842

The inscription on the reverse of the copper coin- '2 kopecks in silver' - can be taken as an epigraph to the activities of the Russian Minister of Finance, who issued this coin in circulation.

Read more → 26.11.2020

Photo Arnold Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle | Hobby Keeper Articles

From Terminator to Governor

Those who lived in the mid-nineties of the last century, of course, remember the Mexican TV series and Western action movies that flooded the TV of the post-Soviet space.

Read more → 28.09.2020

HC Andersen, Copenhagen, 1869 | Hobby Kepper Articles

Prose of the life of the main storyteller

There is probably no child, or adult, who does not listen to the wonderful fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Read more → 21.09.2020

Photo By Viktor Tsoi | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Choi is not dead. He went out for a smoke'

For the turbulent, full of changes in the 80s of the last century, Viktor Tsoi became a real idol, a symbol of defiance and the personification of strength.

Read more → 17.09.2020

Coco Chanel | Hobby Keeper Articles


She introduced a tan and a little black dress, dressed women in pantsuits and created the famous perfume number five, which became a classic of elite perfume.

Read more → 10.09.2020

Photo By Frida Kahlo | Hobby Keeper Articles

Frida Kahlo: the bitter beauty of suffering

Frida Kahlo was often called a female follower of Salvador Dali, but she believed that her work was based not on ephemeral allusions of Surrealists, but on the personal pain of loss and betrayal.

Read more → 07.09.2020


Arkady Raikin: 'happiness forms a Person'

The actor, who was applauded standing up by Stalin himself, whose front-line comrade was comrade Brezhnev, lived a long life filled with family happiness and professional recognition.

Read more → 30.09.2020

Photo by Princess Diana | Hobby Keeper Articles

Lady Dee's illusion of happiness

How do we imagine a Princess? Radiant eyes, Golden hair, soft smile...

Read more → 25.09.2020

Photo By Vivien Leigh| Hobby Keeper Articles

Vivien Leigh: the price of success for a Hollywood legend

A surprised arched brow, jet-black curls, plump lips, and cold, beautiful eyes-such a heavenly creature is presented at the mention of Vivien Leigh.

Read more → 19.09.2020

Portrait Of Alexander Pushkin. Orest Kiprensky. 1827 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Alexander Pushkin: 'I erected a monument to myself not made with hands'

Alexander Pushkin-what is he like? What do we know about it today? After studying the writer's work, analyzing his entire life by day, Pushkin scholars have not come to a single conclusion.

Read more → 15.09.2020

Photo By F. G. Ranevskaya | Hobby Keeper Articles

Faina Ranevskaya: 'Damn this very talent that made me unhappy'

'Who would know my loneliness?'- exclaims Faina Georgievna in her book 'Diaries on scraps'.

Read more → 08.09.2020

Cover photo of Maria Riva's book "the Life of Marlene Dietrich told by her daughter" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Marlene Dietrich: 'Happiness comes to the diligent'

Brilliant screen star Marlene Dietrich-actress, singer, sex symbol of the 30s, commander of the Legion of Honor, Oscar nominee, lover of such world celebrities as Ernest Hemingway and Jean Gabin...

Read more → 03.09.2020

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