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The site HOBBYKEEPER for collectors exists specifically for you. Use it to create a digital version of your collection! At your discretion, it can become the center of attention of rarity connoisseurs from around the world or will please only you. We will help organize, protect and enhance your meeting. And, no less pleasant, you can finally boast of your wealth ...

Enjoy the benefits of our project

Simplicity of functionality
Simplicity of functionality

Unlike other services for collectors, HOBBYKEEPER is very simple and easy to use. Our service meets high technological standards, but you will not see complex operational combinations here. The use of modern innovative techniques allows you to make managing your collection as simple and affordable as possible.

Full feature set
Full feature set Thoughtful settings allow you to make the catalog of your collection as comfortable as possible. In your personal online account , search and filter functions are available according to specified characteristics that will help you select and find the necessary data. There are also options for editing and copying collection objects, adding images from the built-in camera, importing from Excel files.
Quick access We created mobile versions of the program for collectors who own devices running iOS. Thanks to this, your meeting is available not only from a PC, but also from a mobile device, even if there is currently no Internet access. The program interface is adapted for iPhone and iPad.
Full Security Guarantee
Full Security Guarantee With HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE Your collection is protected as in a safe. Make sure the reliability of the resource allows the icon in the form of a lock, located in the address bar of our site. It means that the connection is secure and your information is completely confidential. Only you have access to your database, and no one else.
Current collection information
Current collection information We synchronized your personal account with local programs on your computer and with mobile programs on our iOS devices. You can maintain your collection separately on your device, and then at any time synchronize the data, uploading all changes and additions to the collection material to your personal account.
Share your collections If you wish, you can share the entire collection or its individual elements with other users of the HOBBYKEEPER account. Generate the link and send it to the addressee / recipients, simultaneously indicating which fields to show and which to hide. Your friends will be able to see your collection on social networks or in your personal account. Access can be restricted at any time.

We provide the opportunity to conduct several collections

The project functionality provides for the possibility of maintaining collections in several areas

Numismatics - the "Numismatist’s Safe" program for studying and organizing your own collection of coins in programs and online You have the maximum number of characteristics available, and the mobile version of the program will become a reliable assistant for the dealer of coins and related goods

Philately - the “My philately” program for stamp collectors allows you to collect your own exclusive collection of postage signs: stamps, first day envelopes, couplings, blocks, postal stickers, you can save all information about your collection

Bonistics - the “World of banknotes” program for banknote collectors allows you to create a systematic reference catalog, make timely updates to it, as well as generate statistical reports on transactions

Philocarty - the “My postcards” program will help to add the necessary description, scans, photos, attach links to Internet files, so the information about each card will be as complete as possible, data storage is also available about purchases and sales

Painting - the "Collection of Painting" application will become a faithful assistant to both the collector of paintings and the artist. With its help, you can create a catalog of a collection of paintings with detailed descriptions and photographs. And then, using the online service Hobbykeeper Online, share links to the collection with friends and clients.

Filling the collection is the life's work for the enthusiastic collector. Her specimens allow you to open the veil of the past, make amazing discoveries and finds, communicate and increase the joyful moments of life.

Create a digital catalog of your collection, track and increase it with HOBBYKEEPER - and your collection will be able to please you at any time.

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