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10 rubles of the sample of 1909


Banknotes with a nominal value of 10 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by decree of Empress Catherine II:
'To facilitate the circulation and circulation of money, we command: to establish banknotes of ten rubles and five rubles, which are printed for better discrimination – ten rubles on red, and five rubles on blue paper in different samples.'
The red color was left for 10 rubles for a reason – they saved it for a bill, which became a measure of decimal counting in conversation: the amount of 20 rubles was called 2 red, the amount of 30 rubles was 3 red, etc.
Due to its color, the 10-ruble bill got into a very worthy company of phrases that should have caused Russians to have consistently positive emotions: Red Square, red girl, red sun, etc.
But color is color, and in Russia, when making paper money, much depended on the design of the banknote and the quality of printing.
the 10 rubles of the 1909 sample were printed with some faded ones-unlike the red dozen of the 1898 sample that preceded them, which were also clearly enlivened by a female figure with a shield.
Let us refer to the opinion of Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov, a Russian writer and philosopher, and also a well – known numismatist, whose collection of 1,497 coins is now stored in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
In his essay 'From nature', he describes the impression of his contemporaries from the introduction of a new 10-ruble:
' ... this money is deeply incompetent… They look like a cotton rag. If you put it on a merchant's pillow, in the province it will not stand out at all on the pillowcase, it will merge with it... And behind, as if from an old printed book. There is no specific, one color, or even a predominant one… And purple, and green, and just gray, and red… The pink border, note-pink, not ... red!!!'
There is a rational grain in the above opinion: even my credit card RB 214550, being in a pressed state, fits the characteristic given to 10 rubles of the 1909 sample by this literary character – 'a bad piece of paper'.
And, nevertheless, for bonists in 2021, this paper is a collector's item: it was printed more than 100 years ago.

10 рублей образца 1909 года

10 рублей 1909 г., Российская империя

Country : Российская империя
Denomination : 10 рубль
Year : 1909
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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