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25 rubles of the sample of 1909


Banknotes with a nominal value of 25 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1769, and immediately behaved quite aggressively towards banknotes of 75 rubles: they forced this denomination out of circulation, and as it turned out later – forever.
It turned out that with the low level of protection of Russian banknotes of that time, it was too easy to triple the purchasing power of your wallet - you just had to carefully transfer the number 2 on a twenty-five-ruble bill to a similar number 7.
Initially, 25-ruble bills were dubbed 'white' - according to their color, and 'white 25-ruble notes' went around the Russian Empire along with 'blue fives' and 'red tens'.
Subsequently, 25 rubles did not retain their color - unlike fives and tens, and other names began to stick to them.
Let's remember N. V. Gogol and his 'Dead Souls' - Chichikov's dialogue with Sobakevich in the process of bargaining when buying dead souls.
The auction began with the sum of 100 rubles offered by the cunning Sobakevich, Chichikov estimated the dead souls much cheaper.
'I will now tell you one pleasant word for you. Do you want a corner?' - Sobakevich lowered the price somewhat.
'That is, twenty-five rubles? Neither, nor, nor, I will not even give a quarter of a corner ... '
'Corners' with a face value of 25 rubles were included in classical literature, and in life another popular name was fixed for a credit card – 'quarter', i.e. ¼ of a hundred rubles.
The banknote with a face value of 25 rubles of the sample of 1909 depicts Tsar Alexander III.
The portrait of Emperor Alexander III (1845-1894) appeared on paper money initially in the form of a watermark – also on 25-ruble credit cards, but of the sample of 1896 - with the image of a Russian woman with a shield.
And already on the state credit card of 25 rubles of the sample of 1909, the portrait of the father of the reigning monarch was printed in printing ink: in an oval vignette on the reverse side of the banknote-on the right.
And on the left – the same larger portrait, but in the form of a watermark.

25 рублей образца 1909 года

25 рублей 1909 г., Российская империя

Country : Российская империя
Denomination : 25 рубль
Year : 1909
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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