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Banknote of 25 rubles in 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

25 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 25 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1769, and immediately behaved quite aggressively towards banknotes of 75 rubles: they forced this denomination out of circulation, and as it turned out later – forever.

Read more → 24.08.2021

Banknote of 10 rubles, 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

10 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 10 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by decree of Empress Catherine II.

Read more → 17.08.2021

Postage stamp "75 years since the birth of I. V. Stalin", USSR, 1954 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Our banner of victory, our Stalin!'

The historical period of time when the sole power in the Country of the Soviets belonged to one person, known as Stalin, is both vivid and tragic at the same time.

Read more → 12.08.2021

Quarter blocks of stamps with nominal value 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 cop., USSR | Hobby Keeper Articles

'We are ours, we will build a new world'

A lot of postage stamps are devoted to their own history of development. After all, Lenin called the construction of socialism in 1918 an 'empty phrase' if there is no postal and telegraph communication in the country.

Read more → 04.08.2021

The Borodov sign of Peter's time. The picture in the background is a genre scene from the time of the last Borodov decree of 1722 | Hobby Keeper Articles

When a beard is more expensive than a head

Who would have thought today that a bearded man can cause other associations than the image of masculinity and strength.

Read more → 28.07.2021

Soviet citizens at a demonstration | Hobby Keeper Articles

'My address is not a house or a street, my address is the Soviet Union'

The generation born in the 60-80s of the last century today remembers with nostalgia the period of its childhood/youth, which fell on the eternal memory of the 'times of stagnation'.

Read more → 21.07.2021

Archaemenid Army | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Courage makes the blows of fate insignificant'

Loyalty, courage, bravery... There are eternal concepts in life that are not subject to the influences of time or the transience of morals.

Read more → 23.08.2021

The postal block of Russia in 1999 with a quote by K. E. Tsiolkovsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

If you really want to, you can fly to the stars

If you are far from physics, and mathematical formulas have never brought you much joy, then it will be difficult for you to understand the theoretical foundations of aerodynamics.

Read more → 16.08.2021

Banknote of 5 rubles, 1909, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

5 rubles of the sample of 1909

Banknotes with a nominal value of 5 rubles first appeared in Russia in 1786 by the decree of Catherine the Great.

Read more → 10.08.2021

10,000 rubles banknote, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

VSYUR 10 000 rubles of the sample of 1919

I have noticed for a long time that the design of paper money unwittingly reflects the social atmosphere of the time when they were issued.

Read more → 20.07.2021

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