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10 dollar bill, Hong Kong, 1986 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Money for a red envelope for Chinese New Year

Banknotes are issued not only by central banks: in the UK, the right to issue their own banknotes is granted to 7 private banks, in the former British colony of Hong Kong-to 3 private banks.

Read more → 27.05.2021

Picture drawn in Paint | Hobby Keeper Articles

Precocious masterpieces

'Only cats will be born quickly' ‒ the famous phrase of Ostap Bender was challenged by the popular Norwegian artist Espen Olsen Sotervik. And he began to draw pictures. But not just in oils or watercolors.

Read more → 19.05.2021

Misspelled sheet: "POSTAL MENS OF TRANSPORT" | Hobby Keeper Articles

When a letter matters

Of course, you can pass a school essay, in which instead of 'painting' write 'zHyvopis'. In that case, the negligent student is threatened with 'failure' (for ZHI-SHI write through And!) and the deprivation of some rights and freedoms on the part of parents.

Read more → 13.05.2021

Painting "Bathing the Red Horse", 1912 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The horses are red, but not dappled

One of the most striking examples of my collection of paintings is a series of stamps dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Read more → 05.05.2021

Silver kopeck coin, 1598-1605, Russian Kingdom | Hobby Keeper Articles

Boris Godunov's Pskov Kopeck

Boris Godunov as a statesman deserves to highlight in his career not only the period of his stay on the Russian throne (1598-1605), but also the period when he actually determined the policy of the Russian state during the reign of Ivan the Terrible's son, Fyodor Ivanovich (1584-1598).

Read more → 26.04.2021

Banknote of 5000 rubles, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Don Rubles (part 5)

5,000 Don rubles is the largest of the denominations of the Don currency, and this bill is traditionally the largest – 226 mm x 115 mm, although it is inferior in size to the Nikolaev 'Petenka'.

Read more → 22.04.2021

Christmas card signed by Hitler, 1925 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Crocodile tears

Thinking about the events of world history that took place in the twentieth century, you come to confusion and horror from the number of lives lost by wars. First ‒ the carnage of the First World War, after-the bloody horrors of Nazism...

Read more → 26.05.2021

200 Pesetas banknote, Spain, 1883 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Skripofiliya, the Spanish bank of the XIX century and A. S. Pushkin

Skripophilia is the sister of bonistics, a hobby for those who collect old securities. We will talk about bills of exchange.

Read more → 18.05.2021

$ 100 bill, 1863, USA | Hobby Keeper Articles

The first half of the XIX century: banknotes of private banks in the United States

'Wildcat notes”, 'broken banknotes', 'obsolete money' - these terms are used for banknotes of private American banks created and operated in the XIX century exclusively under the jurisdiction of individual states.

Read more → 12.05.2021

Coin of 10 rubles, 1906 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The last chervonets of the last Emperor

July marks the 103-year anniversary of the tragic execution of the Romanov royal family in Yekaterinburg. On the bloody altar of the revolution were sacrificed the lives of people whose names a few years ago were pronounced with reverence and sacred awe.

Read more → 27.04.2021

Indian Inverter, 1854 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Beggar's Pearl

After the wealthiest dynasty in history ‒ the Mughal dynasty ‒ had died out, in the mid-19th century there were many contenders to replace it as the rulers of India.

Read more → 23.04.2021

Painting "Girl with a ball" | Hobby Keeper Articles

How to make and spend $1.4 million in 10 minutes

Or rather, not to the wind, but to the trash can. It was there that the painting of the British street art artist Banksy 'The Girl with the Ball'was sold under the hammer at a London auction.

Read more → 21.04.2021

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