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Articles for collectors, numismatics, philately, bonistics.
Interesting facts, studies, excursions into history.
Information about rare coins, banknotes, stamps and postcards.

Photo Of Saint Petersburg | Hobby Keeper Articles

'I'm back in my city, familiar to the point of tears...'

Saint Petersburg is a city of amazing beauty and originality on the Neva river! Since its Foundation in 1703 by Peter the Great, it excites the advanced (and not so) minds of Russia and Europe.

Read more → 30.10.2020

Photo Tokyo, Japan | Hobby Keeper Articles

Tokyo-the young capital of Japan

If you compare Tokyo with such famous capitals as Jerusalem or Athens, you can talk about the young age of the Japanese capital.

Read more → 23.10.2020

Panorama of Florence on the Elbe | Hobby Kepper Articles

Dresden: numismatic capital of Germany

The ancient capital of Saxony, the largest industrial and cultural center of Germany, a city with luxurious palaces, castles and churches - just the most beautiful place in Europe.

Read more → 19.10.2020

Eiffel tower. View from the field of Mars | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The iron lady' Paris'

When we say 'love', we mean 'Paris', and when we say 'Paris', we mean the Eiffel tower.

Read more → 08.10.2020


Arkady Raikin: 'happiness forms a Person'

The actor, who was applauded standing up by Stalin himself, whose front-line comrade was comrade Brezhnev, lived a long life filled with family happiness and professional recognition.

Read more → 30.09.2020

Photo by Princess Diana | Hobby Keeper Articles

Lady Dee's illusion of happiness

How do we imagine a Princess? Radiant eyes, Golden hair, soft smile...

Read more → 25.09.2020

HC Andersen, Copenhagen, 1869 | Hobby Kepper Articles

Prose of the life of the main storyteller

There is probably no child, or adult, who does not listen to the wonderful fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Read more → 21.09.2020

Portrait Of Alexander Pushkin. Orest Kiprensky. 1827 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Alexander Pushkin: 'I erected a monument to myself not made with hands'

Alexander Pushkin-what is he like? What do we know about it today? After studying the writer's work, analyzing his entire life by day, Pushkin scholars have not come to a single conclusion.

Read more → 15.09.2020

Photo By F. G. Ranevskaya | Hobby Keeper Articles

Faina Ranevskaya: 'Damn this very talent that made me unhappy'

'Who would know my loneliness?'- exclaims Faina Georgievna in her book 'Diaries on scraps'.

Read more → 08.09.2020

Cover photo of Maria Riva's book "the Life of Marlene Dietrich told by her daughter" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Marlene Dietrich: 'Happiness comes to the diligent'

Brilliant screen star Marlene Dietrich-actress, singer, sex symbol of the 30s, commander of the Legion of Honor, Oscar nominee, lover of such world celebrities as Ernest Hemingway and Jean Gabin...

Read more → 03.09.2020

Photo By Arthur Conan Doyle | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Elementary, My Dear Watson!'

'Elementary, My Dear Watson!'- a phrase that immediately identifies a literary hero.

Read more → 31.08.2020

Photo of the Sochi 2014 figure skating team | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Hot. Winter. Yours'

The theme of sports battles that broke out in Sochi from February 7 to 23, 2014, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Read more → 26.08.2020

Photo By Vladimir Vysotsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

Vladimir Vysotsky: 'I don't lie with one letter'

I would like to give you an opportunity to talk about Vladimir Vysotsky... to Vladimir Semyonovich himself.

Read more → 22.08.2020

Photo by the Lumiere brothers | Hobby Keeper Articles

Black and white movie by the Lumiere brothers

There are many high - profile stories associated with the world - famous French-the Lumiere brothers.

Read more → 17.08.2020

| Hobby Keeper Articles

ACE in the hole

Unmatched, mysterious, phenomenal Harry Houdini remained for many inexplicable mystery.

Read more → 11.08.2020

Photos By Marius Petipa | Hobby Keeper Articles

Allongee Marius Petipa - a good finale to a brilliant career

The name of Marius Petipa has always been inextricably linked with the Mariinsky theatre and ballet. Moreover, the Russian, despite the fact that he was a native of Marseilles.

Read more → 07.08.2020

Photo of a smiling Chaplin | Hobby Keeper Articles

What I wanted to tell the world the Great Mute

Incredibly touching, naive and simple form of a Tramp, by which we know and love Charlie Chaplin was loved by the audience not just.

Read more → 03.08.2020

Portrait Of Mozart | Hobby Keeper Articles

A musical genius at all times

Talent Mozart was admired by many of his contemporaries, however, the life of a genius was filled with the unfulfilled hopes and bitter disappointments.

Read more → 30.07.2020

The Image Of Chopin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Frederic Chopin: 'I give my Heart to the Motherland'

Figuratively and literally the heart of the Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, remained faithful to his homeland.

Read more → 28.07.2020

Picture a rock concert | Hobby Keeper Articles

Not the Wagner one...

Wagner is not one man alive, and not on Tchaikovsky, light a wedge has converged. Sometimes you want to scream in the ears gone, and the slam of the fan zone to tread.

Read more → 23.07.2020

Malevich painting "Blooming Apple trees" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Pointless eternal rest Kazimir Malevich

Of course for those who are more close to the classical canons of painting, the paintings of Kazimir Malevich seems kind of stupid nonsense, aggressive degenerative daubs.

Read more → 21.07.2020

Photo of girl thinking | Hobby Keeper Articles

My first collection painting - tale always with me

When my dad gave me a birthday album for brands, the question of its content.

Read more → 17.07.2020

The painting "the Starry night" | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The sadness will last forever'

These last words of Vincent van Gogh became the motto of his life. Misunderstood, rejected by society, placed in a hospital for the mentally ill van Gogh never ceased to write, leaving to posterity more than 2,000 of his paintings.

Read more → 16.07.2020

The Russo-Turkish war | Hobby Keeper Articles

Chesmensky fight he most difficult...

In continuation of the victorious events of the early EIGHTEENTH century, Russia intensified the struggle for sea domination. After more than half a century, the focus of their activities was the black sea direction, a promised political and economic benefits.

Read more → 10.07.2020

Engraving Of The Capture Of Azov | Hobby Keeper Articles

Gangut battle, the first victory of the Russian fleet

Russia the end of the SEVENTEENTH century, impoverished peasantry, an idle nobility... All this against the background of complete absence of enterprises, dirty ditches instead of roads, hard economic isolation and incapable of the regular army, unable to win over the poles or over the Turks or the Tatars, their main political opponents.

Read more → 08.07.2020

The Poster, "It Is Finished" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Philatelic Gagarina - passion Hero

Yuri Gagarin - the first man who saw the ground from a height of 180 km, on 12 April 1961. As a representative of the country of Soviets, Gagarin a few days ahead of US, the first 'punched a hole' in the heavenly space of the Earth. The competition in this issue was very sharp, American astronaut flew may 5, what the United States is sorry still. 'A shame that we are not the first' - so wrote the Western media for this reason.

Read more → 01.07.2020

Brand Vostok-6 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Seagull' conquering space

Call sign 'Chaika' belongs to the world's first female astronaut, which was the representative of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova. She did a Titanic work. Fame and glory on Tereshkova not fallen from the sky, and the dignity deserved for long hours of exhausting training and technical training. The result was a historic 70-hour flight around the globe on the ship 'Vostok-6', launched from Baikonur cosmodrome on 16 June 1963.

Read more → 25.06.2020

Mark "Aspide" | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Aspida' - err not a problem?

The history of rare stamps known to collectors as 'Aspida', in the distant 30-ies of the twentieth century. At this time in the USSR actively developed airship, which is reflected in philately. That was preceded by the visit of the German airship 'Graf Zeppelin', which visited Moscow in the autumn of 1930.

Read more → 18.06.2020

Portrait Of Copernicus | Hobby Keeper Articles

Astronomical engineering doctoral monk Nicolaus Copernicus

Humanity began its path to the development of the sky long before the first space flights. Your contribution to science was made by brilliant scientists, starting with Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno and Nicolaus Copernicus. It is the Polish astronomer proved that the earth revolves around the Sun and not Vice versa. He opened a new page in the study of the nature of things, giving 'green light' for the subsequent work of Kepler, Newton and Galileo.

Read more → 15.06.2020

Image Of Yuri Gagarin | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Catch up and overtake', or as the USSR with the USA in space exploration competed

The competition, starting with the era of airships, resulted in a massive race to conquer outer space. The country's two rival camps actively fought for the right to be the first to fly into space, and managed to do it to the Soviet Union. 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin spent 108 minutes of flight, successfully landed on the vastness of the Saratov region.

Read more → 11.06.2020

The image of the space in the middle ages | Hobby Keeper Articles

The theme of space flights in the Middle ages

'What is the space in the middle Ages!' - shout You. - 'There would fit with the Inquisition deal but hand soap learning to wash!' Really advanced minds at that time was already busy looking for answers to the questions of the universe, including 'firm is the sky?' and 'why can't people fly?'

Read more → 09.06.2020

Banner The World Of Work In May | Hobby Keeper Articles

Peace, labor, brand!

The first may, international workers ' Day - a holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. In modern Russia it is called the Holiday of Spring and Labor. This holiday is historically associated with the Soviet past of our country, demonstrations in the streets, red flags, balloons and portraits of leaders.

Read more → 06.05.2020

London Photo | Hobby Keeper Articles

Ideal city

A city that never ceases to amaze with its sights, where time turns back, where nothing has a Statute of limitations - London, the perfect city.

Read more → 26.10.2020

Photo New York | Hobby Keeper Articles

New York: 'the city that never sleeps'

A brilliant, unique, luxurious and intriguing metropolis has become the dream of thousands of tourists and hunters of millions.

Read more → 22.10.2020

The City Of Machu Picchu | Hobby Keeper Articles

Machu Picchu: the UN-lost city of the Incas

High in the mountains of South America (2400 m above sea level, to be precise), above the valley of the river with the sonorous name of Urubamba, there is an ancient city of the disappeared Inca tribe - Machu Picchu.

Read more → 12.10.2020

Photos of the Livadia Palace | Hobby Keeper Articles

Livadia Palace - you can't forbid to live beautifully

Livadia Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Crimea.

Read more → 05.10.2020

Photo Arnold Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle | Hobby Keeper Articles

From Terminator to Governor

Those who lived in the mid-nineties of the last century, of course, remember the Mexican TV series and Western action movies that flooded the TV of the post-Soviet space.

Read more → 28.09.2020

British transatlantic steamer Titanic, 1912 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Wreck Of The Titan

'Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you...' these are the first words from the song performed by Celine Dion that come to mind when it comes to an incredibly dramatic episode of human history - the wreck of the British transatlantic steamer Titanic.

Read more → 23.09.2020

Photo By Vivien Leigh| Hobby Keeper Articles

Vivien Leigh: the price of success for a Hollywood legend

A surprised arched brow, jet-black curls, plump lips, and cold, beautiful eyes-such a heavenly creature is presented at the mention of Vivien Leigh.

Read more → 19.09.2020

Coco Chanel | Hobby Keeper Articles


She introduced a tan and a little black dress, dressed women in pantsuits and created the famous perfume number five, which became a classic of elite perfume.

Read more → 10.09.2020

Photo By Frida Kahlo | Hobby Keeper Articles

Frida Kahlo: the bitter beauty of suffering

Frida Kahlo was often called a female follower of Salvador Dali, but she believed that her work was based not on ephemeral allusions of Surrealists, but on the personal pain of loss and betrayal.

Read more → 07.09.2020

Photo By Stolypin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Pyotr Stolypin: turn back history

A brilliant statesman, Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin went down in history as a great reformer of the Russian state.

Read more → 01.09.2020

Symbol of the 2018 FIFA world Cup | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mundiale 2018 on stamps and coins

Arrigo Sacchi called football 'the most important thing of all the unimportant things'. Well, the coach knows better.

Read more → 28.08.2020

Platinum coins of the USSR, 1977-1980 | Hobby Keeper Articles

From the depths of centuries to the present day: a brief history of Olympic coins

The first Olympic coins, covered with the dust of centuries, have been preserved since the Olympic competitions held in Ancient Greece.

Read more → 23.08.2020

Photo By Michael Jackson | Hobby Keeper Articles

Kings are not born, they become...

... due to a General hallucination. These words of Bernard Shaw aptly characterize the life and work of Michael Jackson, crowned king of the world pop pop scene.

Read more → 21.08.2020

Photo Lyubov Orlova | Hobby Keeper Articles

The prima Donna of Soviet cinema

It is difficult to imagine the Soviet cinema is effervescent and incomparable, talented and unique Lyubov Orlova.

Read more → 13.08.2020

Photo By Stephen Spilberga | Hobby Keeper Articles

Steven Spielberg: 'All I want is a life'

The great optimist and life lover Steven Spielberg count myself among the ordinary spectators.

Read more → 10.08.2020

Photo of a smiling Marilyn Monroe | Hobby Keeper Articles

Marilyn Monroe: 'I Hate to be a thing'

At different times of their idols, but there are personalities, whose bright life and unique charisma delight as their contemporaries, and fans of future generations.

Read more → 05.08.2020

A Portrait Of Mendelssohn | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Maestro of all lovers

Mendelssohn is the 'Wedding March'. Such Association occurs primarily when you hear the name of the German composer.

Read more → 01.08.2020

Boldini painting "Portrait of D. Verdi", 1886 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'You can have the universe but leave me Italy'

Giuseppe Verdi is among those geniuses, whose careers are inextricably linked with the Motherland.

Read more → 29.07.2020

P. I. Tchaikovsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

Patriarchal romanticism of Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is known to the world as a brilliant composer, author of operas, ballets, symphonies, romances. He is one of those brilliant artists whose creative take-off is inseparable from the fate of their country.

Read more → 24.07.2020

Picture of Monet's "Boulevard des Capucines in Paris" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Claude Monet: impressions on the other side of the canvas

It is today we rave about the paintings of French impressionist Claude Monet.

Read more → 22.07.2020

Photo albums with stamps | Hobby Keeper Articles

My favorite brand

If You have something a lot, why should something/someone will be You like more than others. So every teacher has their favorites, the coach - their favourites, the collector - the most valuable specimens.

Read more → 20.07.2020

My photo album with stamps | Hobby Keeper Articles

Sol inspiration is my Aivazovsky

This year, 17 (29 articles) July marks 203 years since the birth of the marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Today some people prefer extravagant abstract art Picasso, I caress your soul classic seascapes.

Read more → 17.07.2020

Self-Portrait Of Rembrandt | Hobby Keeper Articles

Name - Rembrandt

The great painter from a young age set a goal to be on a par with the most famous masters of the middle Ages, by Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo. So he signed his paintings briefly, but pathetically, Rembrandt.

Read more → 15.07.2020

Picture the Thunder of victory | Hobby Keeper Articles

The day of military glory

Federal Law of the Russian Federation establishes the memorable days of Russia, which marks of the great victories of the Russian troops. On a par with the defeat of the Tatars at Kulikovo field, and a victory over the Teutons at lake Peipus is the triumph of the young Russian fleet at Cape Gangut in the Baltic sea.

Read more → 09.07.2020

Darwin on mark Portugal | Hobby Keeper Articles

Known and unknown to Charles Darwin

Many school years remember the strict and angry image of a bearded man, sternly looking down from the numerous portraits hanging in the offices of biology. The harsh image of a Mature Charles Darwin radically opposite to him in his youth. Surprised by some facts of his biography, knowing that You will forever change your opinion about the great scientist husband...

Read more → 03.07.2020

Portrait Exupery | Hobby Keeper Articles

Interrupted flight of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The heavy twin-engine fighter P-38 'lightning', piloted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was literally interrupted. This happened on 31 July 1944 in the sea near Marseille, when raged the Second world war. The life of 44-year-old pilot, reporter, writer, Chevalier of the Legion of honor was broken on the peak of...

Read more → 29.06.2020

Glider | Hobby Keeper Articles

Non-motorized aviation conquers the sky

Light, quiet, economical - so can be summarized gliders, motorless aircraft. Their rise came in the 20-30-ies of XX century, when the sky slowly began to submit to the wingless. Airships, and then the gliders made their first steps to the development of near-earth celestial space. And after some 40 years (!) the first man went up on a space orbit of the Earth.

Read more → 23.06.2020

Photo of the airship| Hobby Keeper Articles

Graf Zeppelin crossed the clouds

The airship left a huge mark in the history of space exploration. With these giants the earthlings made the first confident steps in the sky, carrying postal cargo, carrying out scientific research flights and passenger traffic. However, like the dinosaurs, these flying machines had vanished, replaced by a more reliable and progressive machines. But the company airship justly be called the Dawn of the space prior to Gagarin's flight.

Read more → 17.06.2020

Mirror writing | Hobby Keeper Articles

A genius for all times

The intellectual legacy of Leonardo da Vinci's genius and all-encompassing. Hard to believe that this man lived in the epoch of the Spanish Inquisition and the mass of ignorance, when the disease treated plots, and socio-economic instability blamed witches. Endowing humanity ahead of time works, da Vinci realized that the information needs to be metered. Therefore, all his works, he did hardly accessible for reading, using his famous mirror writing technique.

Read more → 12.06.2020

An article in the newspaper about the airship | Hobby Keeper Articles

The airship

The genius of da Vinci in 1485, in his manuscript describes a kind of fixture, ('tent'), with which you can safely descend from any height. The material for it was used starched fabric, the size reaches 6-7 meters. This idea formed the basis for the creation of a parachute, which later evolved into the managed aircraft streamlined form of airship.

Read more → 10.06.2020

Photo Girl explores stamps | Hobby Keeper Articles

As I began collecting stamps at age seven

Birthday - for many (including to me) is a favorite holiday. Always waiting for happy events, guests and, of course, gifts.The seven-year period I remember not only sweet Goodies from my mom. But a surprise from my dad. It was not the album, not the book, which opened inside I saw the familiar pages. There was maaaaaaany pictures in a fancy carved frame. Each looked at me, a bright flower with the inscription 'Mail USSR'...

Read more → 08.06.2020

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