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The Russians don't give up

Despite the official boycott of the XXII Olympic Games by the antagonist countries of the USSR, the Olympic capital Moscow hosted 5,179 athletes from 80 countries in 1980.

Read more → 13.04.2021

First Postcard | Hobby Keeper Articles

'We often praise the former, not knowing that we only praise the latter.'

Send a postcard to your beloved grandmother for the New Year or drop a few lines to a friend-today this is a common thing. Moreover, modern e-cards allow you to do all this in just one click.

Read more → 05.04.2021

Steamship "Chelyuskin" | Hobby Keeper Articles

In life there is always a place for a feat

'There is always a place for a feat in life,' said Otto Yulievich Schmidt, a Soviet mathematician, geographer, astronomer and explorer of the North, and began organizing Arctic expeditions.

Read more → 19.03.2021

The first postage stamp of the Russian Empire, 1857 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Who are you, 'Tiflis Unika'?

The Tiflis Unika brand is of great interest to collectors all over the world today. It holds an incredible number of mysteries ‒ and what, no matter how it is, most attracts and excites the blood of connoisseurs of antiquity?

Read more → 15.03.2021

Postage stamp of 5 pfennings "Cologne Cathedral", 1948, Germany | Hobby Keeper Articles

When color is set to

Divided in the post-war years, Germany into Soviet - red-and colored, allied, zones, initially developed in the same way. Its territory, as it should be, was demilitarized and, to be sure, divided among the victorious countries.

Read more → 03.03.2021

200 VND banknote with tractor "Belarus" on the obverse, Vietnam, 1987 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'A friend can always help you out if something happens suddenly'

Under this motto, the relations of developing countries with the 'big brother' and a profitable friend in the fight against world imperialism - the USSR-were built.

Read more → 24.02.2021

Munich Beer hall 'Burgerbreukeller' | Hobby Keeper Articles

Point of No Return: Beer Hall Putsch

Looking into the future, you always analyze the past. To avoid mistakes and not to step on the same rake. Remembering the events that took place in the world in the first half of the twentieth century, a wild horror takes hold at the thought that the Second World War may happen again, and the ice killers in the form of the SS will appear somewhere again.

Read more → 07.04.2021

Sigismund Levanevsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

Your Honor, Lady Luck

'For whom are you kind, and for whom otherwise' ‒ this is exactly what can be said about the colossal luck or fatal fate that pursued the famous Soviet hero, Stalin's favorite pilot Sigismund Levanevsky. Moreover, both during his lifetime and after his mysterious disappearance.

Read more → 22.03.2021


First of all-planes

With the development of scientific and technological progress, which rushed forward at a furious pace in the twentieth century, trade and economic relations are of paramount importance.

Read more → 18.03.2021

Postage stamp "The whole country is red", China, 1968 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Three sisters-red girls

Red, indeed. In the truest sense of the word, three similar brands have similar destinies. We are talking about Chinese postage stamps issued in the brave era of the 'cultural Revolution'.

Read more → 12.03.2021

Alphonse Mucha-painter | Hobby Keeper Articles

Alphonse Mucha: First in everything

Do you remember your first stamp / banknote/postcard? How did it appear in your collection? The first instance, like the first love, will never be forgotten. It is impossible to confuse it with any other, looking at it, you always experience a special feeling. Perhaps this is the taste of life itself.

Read more → 25.02.2021

Postage stamp 'Blue Alexandria' | Hobby Keeper Articles

What color is love

Not red, not green, and not even dark yellow (like her sisters), but blue became the background color of the rare brand 'Blue Alexandria', which was released in 1846.

Read more → 22.02.2021

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