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Information about rare coins, banknotes, stamps and postcards.

20 CZK banknote with stamp, Slovakia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Slovak crowns with a stamp

When people get divorced, it means dividing the budget (family) into 2 unequal parts, when the state breaks up, it is also a section of the budget (state), but it also means introducing 2 currencies instead of one.

Read more → 27.10.2020

Gold solidus, Byzantine Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

Golden solid from Constantinople

The gold solidus appeared in circulation during the reign of the first Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337 ad), replacing the Roman Golden aureus.

Read more → 21.10.2020

Dang Khan Janibek, 742g. Ah, the Golden Horde | Hobby Keeper Articles

Money Of The Golden Horde

Coins of the ulus of Jochi, known as the 'Golden Horde' – this is a topic for numismatists of a special warehouse, who in small coins without portraits of rulers, with a legend written in Arabic script, see both the ruler, the place of coinage, and the era itself, which most of us have learned from school the wording '200 years of the Tatar-Mongol yoke'.

Read more → 16.10.2020

1000 rubles banknote, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Thousand-ruble 'bell»

During the civil war of 1918 – 1920 in Russia, some generals, admirals and atamans of the white movement tried on, figuratively speaking, the jacket of issuers of banknotes.

Read more → 14.10.2020

The City Of Machu Picchu | Hobby Keeper Articles

Machu Picchu: the UN-lost city of the Incas

High in the mountains of South America (2400 m above sea level, to be precise), above the valley of the river with the sonorous name of Urubamba, there is an ancient city of the disappeared Inca tribe - Machu Picchu.

Read more → 12.10.2020

1000 rubles bill, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

1000 rubles Yudenich

One of the most beautiful bills of the volunteer armies of Russia – 1,000 rubles Of the field Treasury of the North-Western front in 1919.

Read more → 09.10.2020


'Katenka' Timashev

State credit card. One hundred rubles. 1898The state Bank exchanges credit cards without limiting the amount (1 p = 1/15 Imperial contains 14.424 shares of pure gold). Manager S. Timashev

Read more → 07.10.2020

Photos of the Livadia Palace | Hobby Keeper Articles

Livadia Palace - you can't forbid to live beautifully

Livadia Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Crimea.

Read more → 05.10.2020

Notgeld of flax obverse, Germany | Hobby Keeper Articles

Notgeld of linen

Notgeld as a surrogate money differed not only in its simple design, the Germans and Austrians went down in history and the materials from which they managed to make local money.

Read more → 02.10.2020

Card for receiving TOBACCO and TOBACCO products, RSFSR, 1919 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Card for receiving TOBACCO and TOBACCO products

The policy of war communism in the R. S. F. S. R. tried to force money out of the sphere of economic relations by means of a tool to which the Bolsheviks assigned the main role in the system of distribution of material goods – various kinds of cards.

Read more → 24.09.2020

Banknote of 1 ruble, 1919, of the RSFSR | Hobby Keeper Articles

The first money of the Soviet government

If there was a competition for the worst money design of all time, one of the contenders for the victory would be the first money of the Soviet government, issued in March 1919. People's Commissariat of Finance  R. S. F. S. R.

Read more → 22.09.2020

Assignat 25 livres, 1792, France | Hobby Keeper Articles

25 livres 1792

How could two seemingly mutually exclusive things – the portrait of the king of France and the symbolism of The great French revolution-be depicted on one state monetary sign?

Read more → 16.09.2020

Banknote assignat of 10 sous, France, 1793 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Assignats of The French revolution

French assignats of the XVIII century were generated by the great French revolution.

Read more → 11.09.2020

Byzantine follis | Hobby Keeper Articles

Byzantine follis of the X-XI century ad.

Follis - so in Ancient Rome called a bag of copper coins, which was sealed for ease of handling – so as not to count the change.

Read more → 06.09.2020

Banknote of 3 rubles, "Bons of the Transcaucasian Commissariat" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Transcaucasian ruble

In November 1917, immediately after the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd, the Transcaucasian Commissariat was established in Tiflis, which assumed full power in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

Read more → 02.09.2020

Photo of the Sochi 2014 figure skating team | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Hot. Winter. Yours'

The theme of sports battles that broke out in Sochi from February 7 to 23, 2014, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Read more → 26.08.2020

Platinum coins of the USSR, 1977-1980 | Hobby Keeper Articles

From the depths of centuries to the present day: a brief history of Olympic coins

The first Olympic coins, covered with the dust of centuries, have been preserved since the Olympic competitions held in Ancient Greece.

Read more → 23.08.2020

Banknote 100 rubles Semenova, Russia, 1920 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Ataman Semyonov's money

Ataman Semyonov Grigory Mikhailovich was not just one of the Cossack atamans, of which there were many in the Civil war.

Read more → 19.08.2020

Bill "Kremenchug" for 10 rubles | Hobby Keeper Articles

Surrogate money Kremenchug

The Civil war in Russia gave rise to a great variety of surrogate money: they released armed forces – the fronts and armies, provincial and district cities, factories and shops.

Read more → 09.08.2020

Coin Sequin 1 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Venetian gold Ducat

Golden circle 980-th sample of 3.5 grams, diameter of 21 mm is the most stable medieval currency: we are talking about the gold Venetian Ducat.

Read more → 29.07.2020

Picture the Thunder of victory | Hobby Keeper Articles

The day of military glory

Federal Law of the Russian Federation establishes the memorable days of Russia, which marks of the great victories of the Russian troops. On a par with the defeat of the Tatars at Kulikovo field, and a victory over the Teutons at lake Peipus is the triumph of the young Russian fleet at Cape Gangut in the Baltic sea.

Read more → 09.07.2020

Banknotes Carta Mоnetata

Money besieged fortresses

Carta MоnetataBanknotes can be issued independent States, cities in these States and even individual enterprises, each time within the boundaries of their authority. In the history there were cases when banknotes were produced - and long enough applied! in areas besieged by the enemy fortresses.

Read more → 07.07.2020

Kasimov coupons | Hobby Keeper Articles

Interesting facts about paper money: kasimovskiy booms

What connection can there be between the district town of the Ryazan province and Prime Minister of great Britain Baroness Margaret Thatcher, who in this town has never been and hardly anything heard about it? Money, or rather banknotes, more precisely – the image on the banknotes.

Read more → 02.07.2020

Badge | Hobby Keeper Articles

Payment coins tokens

Coins the tokens represent a very curious specimen of the attempts to eliminate the circulation of money from the sphere of internal circulation of commercial structures, such as clubs, gambling houses, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Read more → 26.06.2020

Mark "Aspide" | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Aspida' - err not a problem?

The history of rare stamps known to collectors as 'Aspida', in the distant 30-ies of the twentieth century. At this time in the USSR actively developed airship, which is reflected in philately. That was preceded by the visit of the German airship 'Graf Zeppelin', which visited Moscow in the autumn of 1930.

Read more → 18.06.2020

Image Of Yuri Gagarin | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Catch up and overtake', or as the USSR with the USA in space exploration competed

The competition, starting with the era of airships, resulted in a massive race to conquer outer space. The country's two rival camps actively fought for the right to be the first to fly into space, and managed to do it to the Soviet Union. 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin spent 108 minutes of flight, successfully landed on the vastness of the Saratov region.

Read more → 11.06.2020

The image of the space in the middle ages | Hobby Keeper Articles

The theme of space flights in the Middle ages

'What is the space in the middle Ages!' - shout You. - 'There would fit with the Inquisition deal but hand soap learning to wash!' Really advanced minds at that time was already busy looking for answers to the questions of the universe, including 'firm is the sky?' and 'why can't people fly?'

Read more → 09.06.2020

Coins with Lenin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Coins of the Soviet Union Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Collectible coins USSR with the image of Vladimir Lenin issued since 1967. Was released into circulation coins: 1 ruble and 50 kopecks. The collection was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the great October revolution. On these coins the leader is shown full length and indicates the society is the path to a bright Communist future. Over the next years coins were issued to various memorable dates and events...

Read more → 28.04.2020

Coins Of Ancient Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Coins of ancient Russia

Your coins in Ancient Rus to the VIII century was not minted. In circulation was a silver Roman denarius of I-III centuries, and later the drachma and the Iranian Sassanid dynasty IV-VII centuries. At the end of the VIII century appeared in circulation silver dirhams of the Arab Caliphate, and Byzantine coins — silver miliaris and gold solidi.

Read more → 08.10.2019

Coin tremis, Byzantium | Hobby Keeper Articles

Tremissus of Justinian I the Great (ad 527-565)

The monetary system of the Byzantine Empire was a gold standard with an underlying solid weight of 4.5 g of 900 gold.

Read more → 24.10.2020

Denarius, Vespasian, Ancient Rome, 69-79 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Vespasian's silver denarius (69-79 ad)

Emperor Vespasian, who was at the head of Ancient Rome in the first century ad, is associated in everyday consciousness with the textbook phrase said to his son Titus, the future Emperor: 'Money does not smell.'

Read more → 20.10.2020

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy | Hobby Keeper Articles

Colosseum: what the ancient walls are silent about

The Colosseum - 'the face of ancient Rome' - as PoE called it in his magnifying poem.

Read more → 15.10.2020

Great wall of China | Hobby Keeper Articles

Legendary Wall: myths and truth

Today, it is difficult to find a person who has not heard about the unique and large-scale historical structure - the great wall of China.

Read more → 13.10.2020

Anniversary banknote 1, 5, 10 baht, Thailand, 2007 | Hobby Keeper Articles

King Rama IX

Rarely, but sometimes: you look at the banknote from the obverse, turn it to the reverse – and there is something completely unexpected.

Read more → 10.10.2020

Eiffel tower. View from the field of Mars | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The iron lady' Paris'

When we say 'love', we mean 'Paris', and when we say 'Paris', we mean the Eiffel tower.

Read more → 08.10.2020

Photo Of The Taj Mahal | Hobby Keeper Articles

A miracle available to everyone

The majestic monument of love - the tomb of the Taj Mahal - impresses with its grandeur.

Read more → 06.10.2020


Coppers Of Paul I

Emperor Paul I during his short reign from 1797 to 1801 – 4 years, 4 months, 4 days – was marked by attempts to dissociate himself from the policy of his mother Catherine the great in almost all areas, including coinage.

Read more → 04.10.2020

20 pfennings bill, Germany | Hobby Keeper Articles


Notgeld – the German word (notgeld – money in case of an emergency), in essence – surrogate money, which a lot of issued not only in Germany, as emergencies in different countries have occurred repeatedly.

Read more → 29.09.2020

British transatlantic steamer Titanic, 1912 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Wreck Of The Titan

'Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you...' these are the first words from the song performed by Celine Dion that come to mind when it comes to an incredibly dramatic episode of human history - the wreck of the British transatlantic steamer Titanic.

Read more → 23.09.2020

The coin is a Tetradrachm, Phoenicia, 323-317 BC | Hobby Keepeer Articles

Phoenician tetradrachma from the city of Arados

Tetradrachma (from tetras-four, drachme-drachma) is a silver coin that served as a major monetary unit in the domestic trade of Ancient Greece, Judea, Phoenicia and in international trade.

Read more → 18.09.2020

Shot from the movie "Back to the future" | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Back to the future': see you in a few years...

I can't believe it, but in 2020, the film 'Back to the future' turns 35 years old.

Read more → 14.09.2020

25 rubles banknote, 1918, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Walruses, or rubles of the Northern region

'Money is running out-send it urgently!' - such telegrams came to the Central office of the state Bank in early 1918 from all over Russia.

Read more → 09.09.2020


The estimated signs of the collective supply, 1921 - 1922

How can banknotes issued by an enterprise be more attractive to the population of the country than nationwide legal tender? They can!

Read more → 04.09.2020

1000 karbovantsev banknote, 1918, Ukraine | Hobby Keeper Articles

1 000 karbovanets of the Ukrainian state of 1918

A curious fact of our history: during the difficult years of the Civil war, when the Russian Empire collapsed into several parts, each of which proved its right to a special path of development by armed means, and the people were starving, issuers of banknotes that had no experience in state construction sometimes produced such masterpieces that surpass most modern money in their beauty.

Read more → 30.08.2020

Silver denarius coin | Hobby Keeper Articles

Silver denarius in honor of the diva Faustina

Annia Galeria Faustina Major was the name of the wife of the ancient Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

Read more → 25.08.2020

1 mark banknote, 1919, Latvia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Prince Avalov-Bermondt's money

During the civil war, the Volunteer armies of the white movement were engaged in issuing their own money.

Read more → 20.08.2020

Coin drachma, Greece | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Drachma Of Ancient Greece

The drachma was the name of the national currency of the Hellenic Republic prior to the introduction of the Euro in the country since January 1, 2002.

Read more → 12.08.2020

Coupon-banknote of 10 ducats 1798 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Venetian Ducat – not gold

Brilliant 500-year history of the Venetian gold Ducat was completed at the end of the XVIII century together with the loss of independence.

Read more → 30.07.2020

The Russo-Turkish war | Hobby Keeper Articles

Chesmensky fight he most difficult...

In continuation of the victorious events of the early EIGHTEENTH century, Russia intensified the struggle for sea domination. After more than half a century, the focus of their activities was the black sea direction, a promised political and economic benefits.

Read more → 10.07.2020

Engraving Of The Capture Of Azov | Hobby Keeper Articles

Gangut battle, the first victory of the Russian fleet

Russia the end of the SEVENTEENTH century, impoverished peasantry, an idle nobility... All this against the background of complete absence of enterprises, dirty ditches instead of roads, hard economic isolation and incapable of the regular army, unable to win over the poles or over the Turks or the Tatars, their main political opponents.

Read more → 08.07.2020

Coins | Hobby Keeper Articles

Interesting facts about coins

Numismatics cannot be considered separately from historical science. Actually, numismatics and the history of coins. For centuries, mankind accumulate experience of operations with currency. Before you settle in our wallets-sounding coins, the money's going through an interesting path of development. We offer you a selection of the most amazing facts, telling mankind about the history of commodity-money relations.

Read more → 06.07.2020

Money payment GRES | Hobby Keeper Articles

Surrogate money Berezovskaya GRES

Of Katya, of petenka, kerenki, petkovci, kolakoski – in these 'nicknames' of banknotes is easy to discern the names of the statesmen of Russia, emperors, Ministers and generals. And in honor of a person is called paper money, known popularly chasingame?

Read more → 01.07.2020

Glider | Hobby Keeper Articles

Non-motorized aviation conquers the sky

Light, quiet, economical - so can be summarized gliders, motorless aircraft. Their rise came in the 20-30-ies of XX century, when the sky slowly began to submit to the wingless. Airships, and then the gliders made their first steps to the development of near-earth celestial space. And after some 40 years (!) the first man went up on a space orbit of the Earth.

Read more → 23.06.2020

Photo of the airship| Hobby Keeper Articles

Graf Zeppelin crossed the clouds

The airship left a huge mark in the history of space exploration. With these giants the earthlings made the first confident steps in the sky, carrying postal cargo, carrying out scientific research flights and passenger traffic. However, like the dinosaurs, these flying machines had vanished, replaced by a more reliable and progressive machines. But the company airship justly be called the Dawn of the space prior to Gagarin's flight.

Read more → 17.06.2020

An article in the newspaper about the airship | Hobby Keeper Articles

The airship

The genius of da Vinci in 1485, in his manuscript describes a kind of fixture, ('tent'), with which you can safely descend from any height. The material for it was used starched fabric, the size reaches 6-7 meters. This idea formed the basis for the creation of a parachute, which later evolved into the managed aircraft streamlined form of airship.

Read more → 10.06.2020

Banner The World Of Work In May | Hobby Keeper Articles

Peace, labor, brand!

The first may, international workers ' Day - a holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. In modern Russia it is called the Holiday of Spring and Labor. This holiday is historically associated with the Soviet past of our country, demonstrations in the streets, red flags, balloons and portraits of leaders.

Read more → 06.05.2020

Coin 1 rouble | Hobby Keeper Articles

That you can buy on the ruble in different eras?

The Russian currency is in circulation for at least eight centuries — evidenced by the Novgorod birchbark documents. But, of course, the real value of the national currency and its appearance varied greatly from era to era. That you can buy on the ruble in different historical periods in this article...

Read more → 08.10.2019

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