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2020-08-10 Other articles >

Steven Spielberg: 'All I want is a life'

The great optimist and life lover Steven Spielberg count myself among the ordinary spectators. He admits he is always trying to think about those who will watch his movies. 'The thing is that I am the same audience as everyone else,' says Spielberg. The Director believes that only from this position you can make a good film that is interesting to millions.

He was right to prove billions of dollars in fees from the distribution of bands that have become classics of world cinema. Well, who among us has not dreamed to walk through the 'Jurassic Park' or not looking for in a sea of ominous shark fin, after watching 'Jaws'?!
Creating a new movie (as always, a fascinating blockbuster) the screen wizard takes inspiration from the most famous and beloved by many generations of paintings. A philosophical drama by Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven samurai' or imbued with an inexhaustible lust for life tape 'it's a wonderful life', epic 'Lawrence of Arabia' and hot 'Seekers' - those fundamental pillars that underpin the creativity of Spielberg.
Philately deservedly puts Spielberg in a number of leading figures of world cinema. In 1996, the postal service of Sierra Leone issued a series of commemorative stamps 100 Years of Cinema, where on a par with Charlie Chaplin, the Lumiere brothers, Akira Kurosawa is the name of Steven Spielberg. The series consists of two small sheets of 9 stamps and two blocks, one of which is 'Celebrity movie'.
The ancestors of the Spielberg - Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. His pedigree goes back to Odessa and Kamenetz-Podolsk, where the grandparents of the Director moved to America in 1906. Therefore, native languages, he considers Yiddish and Russian.
World history bothered Spielberg since childhood. At the age of 14 years, Stephen takes part in the youth competition of Amateur films, which was held in his native College of the state of California. The theme of the tape 'Escape to nowhere' - war, the actors - Spielberg family, sponsors - the parents of the young Director. The young man was awarded first prize and learned firsthand what the Director's work.
Spielberg liked it. To military issues he will return throughout his career. In 1979, a young Director makes a crazy Comedy 'one Thousand nine hundred and forty-first' about the misadventures of Japanese submarines off the coast of America; in 1998 he will take the epic drama 'Saving private Ryan' about the events of the Normandy operations of 1944.
A special place in the filmography of Spielberg, a historical Oscar-winning drama 'Schindler's List' film-shock, glaring revelation of the Holocaust, which is impossible to watch without tears. The filmmaker hatched a plan to create a movie for more than 10 years, and was removed for 72 days. The painting became the most expensive black-and-white film, its budget amounted to 25 million dollars, and the global charges of 321 million dollars.

After viewing with You is thin, it is inconceivable realistic acting, music performed by a consummate violinist Itzhak Perlman, who cuts straight to the heart, and the feeling of horror from the fact that everything shown in the film was actually...
Another global success was a fantastically touching film 'Alien' (1982). She talks about the contact of two worlds - earthly and alien, showing a captivating story of friendship boy Elliot and friendly mood romance alien E. T.

Footage from the film found a place on postage stamps of the United States and in a series of leaves 'Signs of the century', Dating from the 1998-2000 years. Next is a portrait of Steven Spielberg.
In 2018, the state of Tuvalu has issued into circulation commemorative silver coins dedicated to the characters from sci-Fi movie Spielberg's 'the First player to get ready'. The picture tells the story of a future Earth, where there is virtual reality. The main characters of the film - the players Wade watts and Samantha Evelyn cook. It is their image placed on the reverse of the coins, diameter 40,6 mm.
Guinea decided to dedicate a series of stamps and the block of 'Sharks' not only to sea predators, but also to the filmmakers who illuminated their lives in scientific and artistic films. Along with Spielberg here are the famous French captain Cousteau.
The memory of the great master of special effects of Stan Winston, with whom Spielberg took not one cinematic masterpiece dedicated to the small sheet, issued by the Republic of Guinea in 2008. It Winston have appeared on the screens of hundreds of dinosaurs of 'Jurassic Park'.
To the 70-year anniversary of the Director, became during the life of the iconic Postal service Guinea, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Mozambique produced a series of commemorative stamps. They depicted the characters of the blockbuster 'Schindler's List', 'Indiana Jones', 'dissenting opinion'.
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