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Coin of 10 rubles, 1906 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The last chervonets of the last Emperor

July marks the 103-year anniversary of the tragic execution of the Romanov royal family in Yekaterinburg. On the bloody altar of the revolution were sacrificed the lives of people whose names a few years ago were pronounced with reverence and sacred awe.

Read more → 27.04.2021

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk | Hobby Keeper Articles

Turkish Perfection

Refined taste, fashionable clothes, European manners-this is what first comes to mind when it comes to the first President of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Even his name ‒ Kemal-means 'perfection'in Turkish.

Read more → 20.04.2021

Irene (the Byzantine Empress) | Hobby Keeper Articles

Irina-means the world

Irina means peace. This is how the name of the goddess of peaceful life (Eiren) is translated from ancient Greek. In fact, this is not always the case.

Read more → 09.04.2021

Randy'L He-dow Teton-model | Hobby Keeper Articles

Sacagawea: Susanin from Idaho

When you go through uncharted lands, the main thing in this case is not to lose your way and not to lose the direction of movement.

Read more → 11.03.2021

Gold coin "Year of the Bull", China, 2021| Hobby Keeper Articles

Horns and hooves

If at the time when Ostap Bender lived and worked, the Eastern calendar was as popular among the population of the country as it is today, his enterprise 'Horns and Hooves' would have been an absolutely stunning success.

Read more → 04.03.2021

100 kg pure gold coin "Queen Elizabeth II", Canada | Hobby Keeper Articles

The main coin of the world

What do 100 kilograms look like? It could be a panda or a brown bear, or a rock that fell out of the Wailing Wall in 2018.

Read more → 19.02.2021

Silver kopeck coin, 1598-1605, Russian Kingdom | Hobby Keeper Articles

Boris Godunov's Pskov Kopeck

Boris Godunov as a statesman deserves to highlight in his career not only the period of his stay on the Russian throne (1598-1605), but also the period when he actually determined the policy of the Russian state during the reign of Ivan the Terrible's son, Fyodor Ivanovich (1584-1598).

Read more → 26.04.2021

Portrait of Emperor Pedro I | Hobby Keeper Articles

Pedro the First: from dirt to princes

Not even in the princes, but immediately in the emperors of Brazil, the crown Prince of the Portuguese King Pedro got.

Read more → 16.04.2021

1 kopeck coin, 1606-1610, Russian Kingdom | Hobby Keeper Articles

Money of the last Rurikovich on the Russian throne-Tsar Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky (1606-1610)

Tsar Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky is located in history in the era of the 'time of troubles' together with 2 False Dmitriy: Shuisky ascended to the kingdom after the death of Tsar Dmitry I, crowned in the Moscow Kremlin, and reigned almost simultaneously with the uncrowned Tsar Dmitry, better known by the nicknames 'Tushinsky thief' and 'Kaluga tsar'.

Read more → 26.03.2021

2000 Pesetas coin, Spain, 1995 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Collectible 2,000 pesetas in silver

Spain is a country for travelers: lovers of good wine and seafood, connoisseurs of football and museum values – this is all about me.In numismatics, it is impossible to embrace the vast – there is simply not enough money, but it is impossible not to have a coin of the state in memory of a country that you have visited about 10 times.

Read more → 10.03.2021

1 dinar coin, 1990, Andorra | Hobby Keeper Articles

Andorra 1 Diner 1990

Andorra is a favorite place for skiing for my family: I have been there 5 times, and maybe more than that.Taking into account the fact that the state has a duty-free trade regime and there is no value added tax (VAT), you can bring a lot of delicious and beautiful things from well-known world brands from the country, but the numismatist will not miss the opportunity to bring something special.

Read more → 02.03.2021

20 rubles coin of 1755, "Elizabethan gold" / Hobby Keeper Articles

The Empress ' Gold

The year 1755 gave the Russian Empire not only the first university in its history, opened in Moscow under the project of Mikhail Lomonosov and Count Shuvalov.

Read more → 12.02.2021

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