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2020-07-21 Other articles >

Pointless eternal rest Kazimir Malevich

Of course for those who are more close to the classical canons of painting, the paintings of Kazimir Malevich seems kind of stupid nonsense, aggressive degenerative daubs. However, if we leave aside the clichés and look at ALL the creative heritage of the artist, you can see the elegance, depth and gentle light of his paintings.
Delightful, full of spring flavor 'Flowering Apple tree' or 'Three women on the road' talking about the subtle perception of beauty and the ability to apply it. These works, perhaps, will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.
However, Malevich received his fame not through impressionistic directions in creativity. He broke into the world of painting, dramatically screaming to his 'Black square' and 'Suprematist composition', triggering shock and a barrage of criticism on his head.
'Let scolded mercilessly, but noticed' - so he assessed the situation himself Malevich. And, indeed, subsequent exhibitions in Western Europe provoked a great discussion of the avant-garde in the visual arts and, in particular, Suprematism. The latter is considered the founder of Malevich himself.
Suprematism breaking patterns and mind-blowing. For external primitiveness and fussiness is hidden deep meaning. One sees in the paintings something of his own - whether universally great, whether subtly individual. These deeply personal experiences Malevich attempted to attach to the canvas.
Why is everything so difficult?.. In order to understand and appreciate the artist, consider his way of life. After all, art is always a reflection of the surrounding world.
To draw the Casimir loved since childhood. His mother, Ludwig A., recalled that as a boy he always had something drawn on paper, cardboard, bleached wall. When the beginning of the 'grow and flourish' of the Soviet state in the work of Malevich reflected the contradiction of the era where black became white, white - black, and all around red...
After the death of the artist the descendants have appreciated his legacy. Paintings by Kazimir Malevich are stored in famous museums of the world - London, new York, Paris, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Appreciated musical legacy was in terms of money - the paintings of Malevich are among the most expensive paintings in the world. The famous 'Suprematist composition' in 2008 was sold at Sotheby's auction for $ 60 million.
In the post-Soviet space in the memory of the great avant-gardist released a number of collectible materials. In Belarus came out a commemorative series of stamps dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Kazimir Malevich:
and the national Bank of Ukraine in 2019 35 000 minted commemorative coins of 2 hryvnias. Impressive is depicted on the obverse is a stylized portrait of the artist:
The reverse of the same, which shows provisioned textured canvas on forums numismatists met a mixed assessment. Some would like to see one of the paintings of Malevich, in particular, his famous 'Black square':
Original postcard artist Anastasiya Babich executed in imitation of the style of a famous artist:
Set of 10 postcards like the true connoisseurs of Malevich's works:
Fifty-six years for the Creator is infinitely small period of time. So he measured the fate of Kazimir Malevich, interrupting its life cycle in the Prime of life. His creative legacy is controversial and provocative, was a reflection of the era, the events unfolding around them.
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