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Photo Barcelona-a city in Spain | Hobby Keeper Articles

Barcelona-the city founded by Hercules

When you say 'Barcelona', the immortal melody performed by Opera diva Montserrat Caballe and charismatic Freddie mercury - 'Barselona' immediately flashes in your head.

Read more → 20.11.2020

Photo Of Prague | Hobby Keeper Articles

This diverse city of Prague

The city, which is almost 12 centuries old, is one of the most beautiful places on the map of Europe - Prague.

Read more → 16.11.2020

Bosphorus. Satellite image| Hobby Keeper Articles

Istanbul - a city on two continents

Can I sit on two chairs at once? Not that on chairs, but to occupy the territory of two continents at the same time, it turns out, you can and with great success!

Read more → 03.11.2020

Photo Of Paris, France | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Paris: a holiday that is always with you'

The place where all lovers in the world dream of being, permeated with romance and passion, a bright and unique city in the center of Europe - Yes, this is Paris.

Read more → 28.10.2020

Photo New York | Hobby Keeper Articles

New York: 'the city that never sleeps'

A brilliant, unique, luxurious and intriguing metropolis has become the dream of thousands of tourists and hunters of millions.

Read more → 22.10.2020

Eiffel tower. View from the field of Mars | Hobby Keeper Articles

'The iron lady' Paris'

When we say 'love', we mean 'Paris', and when we say 'Paris', we mean the Eiffel tower.

Read more → 08.10.2020

The Jordanian Embassy after the bombings in Baghdad | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Everything is calm in Baghdad...'

Among the many tours offered by agencies to curious travelers, you will not find the Iraqi capital.

Read more → 18.11.2020

Capital of the UAE-Dubai | Hobby Keeper Articles

Dubai: to make a fairy tale come true

If you want to see an Oriental fairy tale come to life-welcome to Dubai!

Read more → 05.11.2020

Photo Of Saint Petersburg | Hobby Keeper Articles

'I'm back in my city, familiar to the point of tears...'

Saint Petersburg is a city of amazing beauty and originality on the Neva river! Since its Foundation in 1703 by Peter the Great, it excites the advanced (and not so) minds of Russia and Europe.

Read more → 30.10.2020

London Photo | Hobby Keeper Articles

Ideal city

A city that never ceases to amaze with its sights, where time turns back, where nothing has a Statute of limitations - London, the perfect city.

Read more → 26.10.2020

Panorama of Florence on the Elbe | Hobby Kepper Articles

Dresden: numismatic capital of Germany

The ancient capital of Saxony, the largest industrial and cultural center of Germany, a city with luxurious palaces, castles and churches - just the most beautiful place in Europe.

Read more → 19.10.2020

Malevich painting "Blooming Apple trees" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Pointless eternal rest Kazimir Malevich

Of course for those who are more close to the classical canons of painting, the paintings of Kazimir Malevich seems kind of stupid nonsense, aggressive degenerative daubs.

Read more → 21.07.2020

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