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2020-10-28 Other articles >

'Paris: a holiday that is always with you'

The place where all lovers in the world dream of being, permeated with romance and passion, a bright and unique city in the center of Europe - Yes, this is Paris. Perhaps the secret of its energy appeal is its location. After all, the city is located in the basin of the Seine river, which divides it into two banks - left and right. In 1873, the Seine in Paris looked something like on picture by Alfred Sisley.
Today's Seine is numerous bridges and embankments, where you can breathe easily, and you want to believe in a miracle...
Perhaps the secret of Paris is in the thousands of lights that have lit up the French capital for centuries. 'City of lights' - one of the many nicknames of Paris - was assigned to it for a reason. City streets here are among the first in Europe to be illuminated at night. The first mention of this event dates back to 1318.
The Sun king, Louis XIV, improved street lighting by installing 3,000 lanterns. 'Safety and light for the city' - this motto became the norm of Parisian life in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.
This period has entered the history of Paris and France as a period of prosperity, and is reflected in modern numismatics.

In 2014, the French Mint, Paris, issued 3 commemorative coins dedicated to the famous monarch. Their face value is 200, 50 and 10 euros, and the first two are minted from gold of the 999th and 920th samples with a circulation of 500 and 1,500 pieces, respectively. The 10-Euro coin is made of silver and has a circulation of 10,000 units. The design was developed by the famous French fashion designer Christian Lacroix.
A recognizable portrait of the Sun King by the court artist Hyacinthe Rigaud is on display in the Louvre - another jewel of Paris.
The Louvre is the most popular art Museum in the world. Many world masterpieces are stored here, including the beautiful and unique Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci. In 2019, France dedicated three collectible coins to this mysterious lady, which differ only in denominations of 50, 200 and 500 euros. They are minted from 999 gold and will become a decoration of any numismatic collection.
In 2018, the number of visitors to the Museum exceeded 10 million people (this is out of the 25 million tourists who visit Paris every year!). It is impossible to say whether it is a tribute to fashion or an unquenchable passion for art. But you only need to look at the facade of the Royal Palace, as it takes your breath away and the body is seized with awe.
In 1906-1907, the French modernist artist albert Marquet lovingly painted 'View of the Louvre', which is now on display in the Hermitage. Art lovers and collectors postcards can add to their collection a postcard issued by the publishing house 'Aurora' with a reproduction of this canvas.
Although the Louvre is not only the residence of monarchs. Here at one time there were trade shops, workshops where masters freed from the control of the workshops worked wonders, and under cardinal Richelieu, the Lower floor of the Grand gallery was given over to the printing house and mint.

By the way, the modest Richelieu himself was an avid collector. And he did not collect anything, but paintings, sculptures, porcelain, watches, carpets ,armor (many of which are of great value), and even castles! I could afford it.

In 1953, France introduced a 1,000-franc note with the image of cardinal Richelieu.
And what is Paris without its soul-famous and unique Eiffel tower! It is difficult to imagine that today's favorite of all the French was initially perceived with hostility by the townspeople. For this reason, they even wanted to demolish it as a structure that violates the architectural harmony of the city.
The main street of Paris-Champs-Elysees. According to ancient Greek mythology, the fields of the same name are a Paradise where the favorites of the gods fall after death.
Indeed, the Champs-Elysees is a place that you can't help but fall in love with. The first to improve the marshy area near the Louvre was ordered in 1616 by Maria de ' Medici.
And everything was arranged here with a purely feminine grace. Today it is almost 2 km of Park area, full of cozy cafes, museums, theaters and shops - there is a place to relax, and there is something to see.
Full of new year's eve lights, Les Champs-Élysées is depicted on a colorful postage stamp issued by the French Postal service in 1995.
With the inherent humor of the French, a banknote dedicated to the Champs-Elysees was introduced in 2017, with a face value of 0 euros. You will not be able to buy anything with it, but it is a sample of a full-fledged monetary sign, equipped with watermarks and a hologram.
The poet and translator Ilya Ehrenburg once said the famous phrase: 'See Paris and die'. Imagining himself in this city at the height of happiness, being blinded and conquered by the beauty of its streets, museums and women, he probably did not think about death. To die of happiness is as delightful as to climb to the top of the Eiffel tower or get a valuable and rare specimen in your collection.

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