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Soviet citizens at a demonstration | Hobby Keeper Articles

'My address is not a house or a street, my address is the Soviet Union'

The generation born in the 60-80s of the last century today remembers with nostalgia the period of its childhood/youth, which fell on the eternal memory of the 'times of stagnation'.

Read more → 21.07.2021

1000 peso banknote with the Image of the Red Stove Bird, Argentina, 2017 | Hobby Keeper Articles

About our smaller brothers

Representatives of the Earth's fauna represent a special world, a separate universe, dissolved among human civilization.

Read more → 12.07.2021

100 hryvnia banknote, Ukraine, 1918 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Derzhavnyj credit bilet for 100 hryvnia. UNR roku 1918

On paper money, you can see the signatures of the persons who supervised their issue, whether it is the head of the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance, there you can also see the signature of the chief cashier of these state institutions.

Read more → 22.06.2021

Banknote of 50 rubles of the VLKZHD 1st issue, 1918, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Borrowed tickets of the Vladikavkaz Railway

By the autumn of 1918, when the Kuban and Don were cleared of the Bolsheviks, the Cossacks decided to seriously engage in the real economy, and they began with the most important thing – with the railways.

Read more → 09.06.2021

1 mark banknote, 1940, Poland | Hobby Keeper Articles

Money of the Jewish Ghetto, Lodz – May 15, 1940

A scary topic... and ambiguous.1 the stamp, equal to 100 pfennigs, served the monetary turnover in the territory of the Lodz ghetto-from July 9, 1940 to August 29, 1944.

Read more → 02.06.2021

200 Pesetas banknote, Spain, 1883 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Skripofiliya, the Spanish bank of the XIX century and A. S. Pushkin

Skripophilia is the sister of bonistics, a hobby for those who collect old securities. We will talk about bills of exchange.

Read more → 18.05.2021

10,000 rubles banknote, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

VSYUR 10 000 rubles of the sample of 1919

I have noticed for a long time that the design of paper money unwittingly reflects the social atmosphere of the time when they were issued.

Read more → 20.07.2021

1 Ruble banknote, Russia, Northern Region, 1898 | Hobby Keeper Articles

State Bank of the Northern Region-GBSO

From August 1918 to February 1920, an independent territorial entity with an administrative center in Arkhangelsk – the Northern Region-existed in the north of the European part of Russia.

Read more → 29.06.2021

200 hryvnia banknote, 1918, Ukraine | Hobby Keeper Articles

Bilet Derzhavnoi Skarbnitsy on 200 hryvnia. UNR 1918 roku

In April 1918, there was a change of power in Kiev, and at the same time the name of the country: the Ukrainian People's Republic was replaced by the Ukrainian State, headed by Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky.

Read more → 15.06.2021

500 HUF banknote, Hungary, 1946 | Hobby Keeper Articles

A lot doesn't mean good

As life shows, having the status of 'MOST-MOST' is not a guarantee of well-being and success.

Read more → 03.06.2021

10 dollar bill, Hong Kong, 1986 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Money for a red envelope for Chinese New Year

Banknotes are issued not only by central banks: in the UK, the right to issue their own banknotes is granted to 7 private banks, in the former British colony of Hong Kong-to 3 private banks.

Read more → 27.05.2021

$ 100 bill, 1863, USA | Hobby Keeper Articles

The first half of the XIX century: banknotes of private banks in the United States

'Wildcat notes”, 'broken banknotes', 'obsolete money' - these terms are used for banknotes of private American banks created and operated in the XIX century exclusively under the jurisdiction of individual states.

Read more → 12.05.2021