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Photo Tokyo, Japan | Hobby Keeper Articles

Tokyo-the young capital of Japan

If you compare Tokyo with such famous capitals as Jerusalem or Athens, you can talk about the young age of the Japanese capital.

Read more → 23.10.2020

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy | Hobby Keeper Articles

Colosseum: what the ancient walls are silent about

The Colosseum - 'the face of ancient Rome' - as PoE called it in his magnifying poem.

Read more → 15.10.2020

The City Of Machu Picchu | Hobby Keeper Articles

Machu Picchu: the UN-lost city of the Incas

High in the mountains of South America (2400 m above sea level, to be precise), above the valley of the river with the sonorous name of Urubamba, there is an ancient city of the disappeared Inca tribe - Machu Picchu.

Read more → 12.10.2020

1000 rubles bill, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

1000 rubles Yudenich

One of the most beautiful bills of the volunteer armies of Russia – 1,000 rubles Of the field Treasury of the North-Western front in 1919.

Read more → 09.10.2020

Notgeld of flax obverse, Germany | Hobby Keeper Articles

Notgeld of linen

Notgeld as a surrogate money differed not only in its simple design, the Germans and Austrians went down in history and the materials from which they managed to make local money.

Read more → 02.10.2020

Photo by Princess Diana | Hobby Keeper Articles

Lady Dee's illusion of happiness

How do we imagine a Princess? Radiant eyes, Golden hair, soft smile...

Read more → 25.09.2020

Banknote of 1 ruble, 1919, of the RSFSR | Hobby Keeper Articles

The first money of the Soviet government

If there was a competition for the worst money design of all time, one of the contenders for the victory would be the first money of the Soviet government, issued in March 1919. People's Commissariat of Finance  R. S. F. S. R.

Read more → 22.09.2020

Assignat 25 livres, 1792, France | Hobby Keeper Articles

25 livres 1792

How could two seemingly mutually exclusive things – the portrait of the king of France and the symbolism of The great French revolution-be depicted on one state monetary sign?

Read more → 16.09.2020

25 rubles banknote, 1918, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Walruses, or rubles of the Northern region

'Money is running out-send it urgently!' - such telegrams came to the Central office of the state Bank in early 1918 from all over Russia.

Read more → 09.09.2020


The estimated signs of the collective supply, 1921 - 1922

How can banknotes issued by an enterprise be more attractive to the population of the country than nationwide legal tender? They can!

Read more → 04.09.2020

1000 karbovantsev banknote, 1918, Ukraine | Hobby Keeper Articles

1 000 karbovanets of the Ukrainian state of 1918

A curious fact of our history: during the difficult years of the Civil war, when the Russian Empire collapsed into several parts, each of which proved its right to a special path of development by armed means, and the people were starving, issuers of banknotes that had no experience in state construction sometimes produced such masterpieces that surpass most modern money in their beauty.

Read more → 30.08.2020

Photo of the Sochi 2014 figure skating team | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Hot. Winter. Yours'

The theme of sports battles that broke out in Sochi from February 7 to 23, 2014, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Read more → 26.08.2020

1 mark banknote, 1919, Latvia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Prince Avalov-Bermondt's money

During the civil war, the Volunteer armies of the white movement were engaged in issuing their own money.

Read more → 20.08.2020

Photo by the Lumiere brothers | Hobby Keeper Articles

Black and white movie by the Lumiere brothers

There are many high - profile stories associated with the world - famous French-the Lumiere brothers.

Read more → 17.08.2020

Photo New York | Hobby Keeper Articles

New York: 'the city that never sleeps'

A brilliant, unique, luxurious and intriguing metropolis has become the dream of thousands of tourists and hunters of millions.

Read more → 22.10.2020

1000 rubles banknote, 1919, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Thousand-ruble 'bell»

During the civil war of 1918 – 1920 in Russia, some generals, admirals and atamans of the white movement tried on, figuratively speaking, the jacket of issuers of banknotes.

Read more → 14.10.2020

Anniversary banknote 1, 5, 10 baht, Thailand, 2007 | Hobby Keeper Articles

King Rama IX

Rarely, but sometimes: you look at the banknote from the obverse, turn it to the reverse – and there is something completely unexpected.

Read more → 10.10.2020


'Katenka' Timashev

State credit card. One hundred rubles. 1898The state Bank exchanges credit cards without limiting the amount (1 p = 1/15 Imperial contains 14.424 shares of pure gold). Manager S. Timashev

Read more → 07.10.2020

20 pfennings bill, Germany | Hobby Keeper Articles


Notgeld – the German word (notgeld – money in case of an emergency), in essence – surrogate money, which a lot of issued not only in Germany, as emergencies in different countries have occurred repeatedly.

Read more → 29.09.2020

Card for receiving TOBACCO and TOBACCO products, RSFSR, 1919 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Card for receiving TOBACCO and TOBACCO products

The policy of war communism in the R. S. F. S. R. tried to force money out of the sphere of economic relations by means of a tool to which the Bolsheviks assigned the main role in the system of distribution of material goods – various kinds of cards.

Read more → 24.09.2020

25 rubles banknote, 1917, Odessa | Hobby Kepeer Articles

Money of Odessa 1917

In 1917, Odessa was living with the same problems as the whole of Russia-literally 'without a Tsar in my head': freedom, rallies and anarchy.

Read more → 20.09.2020

Banknote assignat of 10 sous, France, 1793 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Assignats of The French revolution

French assignats of the XVIII century were generated by the great French revolution.

Read more → 11.09.2020

Photo By Frida Kahlo | Hobby Keeper Articles

Frida Kahlo: the bitter beauty of suffering

Frida Kahlo was often called a female follower of Salvador Dali, but she believed that her work was based not on ephemeral allusions of Surrealists, but on the personal pain of loss and betrayal.

Read more → 07.09.2020

Banknote of 3 rubles, "Bons of the Transcaucasian Commissariat" | Hobby Keeper Articles

Transcaucasian ruble

In November 1917, immediately after the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd, the Transcaucasian Commissariat was established in Tiflis, which assumed full power in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

Read more → 02.09.2020

Symbol of the 2018 FIFA world Cup | Hobby Keeper Articles

Mundiale 2018 on stamps and coins

Arrigo Sacchi called football 'the most important thing of all the unimportant things'. Well, the coach knows better.

Read more → 28.08.2020

Platinum coins of the USSR, 1977-1980 | Hobby Keeper Articles

From the depths of centuries to the present day: a brief history of Olympic coins

The first Olympic coins, covered with the dust of centuries, have been preserved since the Olympic competitions held in Ancient Greece.

Read more → 23.08.2020

Banknote 100 rubles Semenova, Russia, 1920 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Ataman Semyonov's money

Ataman Semyonov Grigory Mikhailovich was not just one of the Cossack atamans, of which there were many in the Civil war.

Read more → 19.08.2020

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