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2020-06-24 Other articles >

Mintmaster (continued, part 2)

The continuation of Mintmaster (continued part 1)

For us, looking at the position of mintmaster from the position of the XXI century, it is important to understand that, strictly speaking, mintmaster was the chief of the mint in the modern sense of the word.
First, he was Chief Technologist responsible prescribed over technology and product quality. As stated in paragraph 19 above-mentioned “Instructions to mintmaster, “mintmaster have coins as you can gently do against EIV decrees and institutions, namely: gold coins of the Dutch against the breakdown of a red ... 94⅔, Imperials and proimperial , durobrivae and ruble gold coins breakdown of the 88-th..., Vorobieva coin for 126 18/73. and for 256 rouble; the silver rouble coins and pollinia 77... sample Pollinia UAH, and also 77 nickels samples...” it is Clear that he did not with their hands, but for the inaccurate execution of the decrees of EIV was told your money: “a bude return to the Treasury the coins that redistribution will not reach, then it will be deducted from forward-looking money...” for the especially “inaccurate” the execution of the decrees was provided and more stringent measures suggestion that Imperatorskoe Her Majesty has not seen fit to include in the “Instructions to mintmaster”: tea they're educated people, well aware of the issue.
Second, mintmaster acted as a Coach, teaching the engravers, probieren and other staff monetgo yard to the intricacies of their complex craft. As written in the already mentioned “Instructions to mintmaster, at mintmaster certain disciples, he needs to train in order escrito EIV mints skilled people udovolstvye could be”.
The official hierarchy was determined and the salary of mintmaster: in accordance with the statement of state Chief of the expedition, in Saint Petersburg on the issue of overstriking of copper coins to a new dignity, which was established in the last years of the reign of Catherine II (Pavlovsky pricecan), the annual salary of mintmaster, who also was ordered also to serve as Treasurer amounted to 400 rubles, while the Manager, Adviser and Secretary, respectively, received 1 200 rubles, 600 rubles 450 rubles. Judging by the size of the salary, place in the vertical of power of the mint he served with No. 4 below were kamerir (accountant), carvers (engravers), blacksmiths, spinners, students, clerks, potentially, the copyists and other staff.
Ekaterinburg mint coinage of gold and silver coins are not involved, however, the exact observance of technology is important when the issue of copper coins. So copper 2 kopecks 1810 - on both sides of the tail from stamp of the eagle over the release date - we see the initials of mintmaster the court of Nicholas Mundt - NM.
To be continued...

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