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2020-11-20 Other articles >

Barcelona-the city founded by Hercules

When you say 'Barcelona', the immortal melody performed by Opera diva Montserrat Caballe and charismatic Freddie mercury - 'Barselona' immediately flashes in your head. And for good reason, because this song has become the anthem of the Catalan capital since 1992. Its majestic and clear sound accurately conveys the image of Barcelona, 'like a diamond shining in the sun', a city with a beautiful sea and a gentle breeze.
Being located in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula, on the quiet sea coast, Barcelona is almost an ideal place to stay. The heat-loving human body has nothing to fear for its life here - the minimum temperature in the location is +10, and it happens several weeks a year. The rest of the time there is a Mediterranean weather, when the summer is warm and humid, and in winter - dry and also warm.

These conditions are primarily due to Barcelona's popularity among both Spaniards and tourists coming here from all over the world. The population density here is 16 thousand people per square kilometer (!) - for comparison in Moscow, this figure is four times lower.
Everyone wants comfort and warmth. Even heroes and mythical characters, including the famous Hercules. According to legend, it was he who had the idea to establish a city here, which he did exactly 400 years before the Foundation of Rome.

The Warm sea, the territory protected by the Pyrenees from the cold Northern winds, the gentle sun - this is exactly what a Paradise should look like. These are the real, earthly conditions in which more than one and a half million people live in Barcelona.
The city is the largest on the Mediterranean coast, and the port of Barcelona is the largest on the Mediterranean sea. Its history goes back more than 2 thousand years! The ancient Greeks used to come here, bringing olive oil and incense. The ancient Iberians who inhabited the coast traded with Greece, Phoenicia and Carthage in ceramics and metals, including silver. They paid with these bronze sextans or denarii.
Barcelona is a desirable city. It was here that the world-famous Spaniard Christopher Columbus returned after a historic, fateful campaign. He came to tell his Queen about the amazing discovery of new lands. His image is immortalized in the form of a 60-meter monument installed at the Rambla.
You don't have to go to Barcelona to see the monument. Just look at the stamp issued by the Spanish Postal service.
Speaking of Barcelona, football fans will certainly shout ' OLE!', and remember the top scorer of 'Barca' Leonel Messi, who scored 640 goals (and that's not all!) and has taken most of the UEFA Champions League trophies.
More than one collectible coin is dedicated to the legend of modern football, the 'new Maradona', the technical and precise Leo Messi, who made Barcelona famous all over THE world.
And even a gold commemorative souvenir bill with a face value of 100 rubles.
But the glorious sporting city of Barcelona is not only the heart of football. The capital of Catalonia hosted the 15th world aquatics Championships in 2013 (Barcelona won this right from Dubai, Moscow, Seoul). And the year 1992 was especially significant for Barcelona - it was in the summer of 92 that the city hosted the XXV Olympic games.
Numerous commemorative coins are dedicated to this event

and stamps.
Yes, sports play a huge role in the life of Barcelona. With such natural and climatic conditions, it is a sin to ignore-God himself favors the Catalans. But not a single sport, as they say.

Barcelona is a constant center of attraction for tourists who want to plunge into the sea of sun, heat, football and-the sea itself, of course.

To become the owner of a souvenir card with wonderful views of the capital of Catalonia will be happy not only philocartist, but also just a person with good taste. The city is rich in fountains, museums, and architectural attractions that attract millions of travelers.
Philatelic products also spread the glory of Barcelona around the world, delighting collectors with its beautiful views.
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