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2020-09-30 Other articles >

Arkady Raikin: 'happiness forms a Person'

The actor, who was applauded standing up by Stalin himself, whose front-line comrade was comrade Brezhnev, lived a long life filled with family happiness and professional recognition. Nevertheless, Arkady Isaakovich had a lot of detractors, always ready to put the bandwagon. And how else could it be, if, having a sharp tongue, the satirist aptly noticed all the shortcomings and 'shoals' of the Soviet state and party elite.
Somewhere Arkady Raikin and his Leningrad variety and miniature theater crossed the road to the head of the Leningrad regional Committee of the CPSU, Grigory Romanov, who could not stand the artist. Due to the constant pressure, Raikin even had to ask Brezhnev for help.

However, the Secretary General, being a fan of his work, provided support. As a result, a theater appeared in the Northern capital, known today as the Russian state theater 'Satyricon'. And it is directed by a well - known Russian audience artist, son and pride of Arkady Isaakovich-Konstantin Raikin.
'Everyone inhales oxygen, and tries to exhale all sorts of nasty things.' What the great actor-satirist said is relevant and understandable to everyone without exception, regardless of age, gender, and beliefs about whether there is life on Mars. This is the secret of Arkady Raikin's genius: a combination of simplicity and subtlety, openness, caustic satire and incredible intelligence.
'Soviet Charlie Chaplin' - this is how you can call Arkady Raikin, who became a model of Soviet pop culture. Thanks to Arkady Isaakovich, this genre has received a high benchmark, which today is equal to the leading artists. Harmony, taste, intelligence and boundless subtle humor - these are the features that distinguish Raikin from his colleagues in the shop.
'Create images that do not need explanation' - thanks to this ability, Raikin is understandable not only to the domestic audience. In the 60s,he toured abroad. It is warmly received by the public of the 'fraternal' socialist countries, as well as by the Prim capitalist England, which is very demanding of the humorous genre.

In response to the purely English humor 'I look so bad, as if This morning I have a Wake' Arkady Raikin gives his 'I'm wearing a shiny - in some places - suit.' The London press awarded Arkady Isaakovich the honorary name 'Soviet Chaplin'.
Relatives believed that Raikin's death was not without mysticism and the evil eye - after all, he lived a couple of decades less than his 90-year-old sisters. Well, the Great ones leave earlier, because no matter how much fate measures them, there is always an understatement.

And we, the audience, are left with the pearls of creative wisdom of the artist: 'SPECSFITSKY' taste, 'twenty-two buggies' on the football field, 'a hat like a nail'... And today, his eternal 'our brother's fool' does not lose its relevance, because 'our sawdust is still inside the chamois-century knight'!

Not afraid to experiment, Raikin tries on numerous images that he has seen in various everyday situations. And each of them is an accurate hit on the target!
To mark the 100th anniversary of the artist, the Central Bank of Russia issued a commemorative silver coin with a face value of 2 rubles. In 2011, the Saint Petersburg mint (this is the city where Raikin's brainchild, the Satyricon theater, is located) minted 3,000 coins with the image of the satirist on the reverse.
In 2001, for the 90th anniversary of the birth of The people's artist of the USSR, the Russian post issued 350,000 stamps with a face value of 2 rubles with a portrait of Arkady Isaakovich.
The performances of Arkady Raikin, a master of satirical portraiture, a fine connoisseur of human psychology, look in one breath. With a single movement of the head, he can recreate the image of a hungover alcoholic or a hapless intellectual, which are recognizable and typical of modern reality.

And even somehow the definition of 'genius'sounds dim to him. Raikin is a unique phenomenon in satire. You are surprised how much everything he said in the 60s and 70s of the last century is still relevant today. A visionary, brilliantly talented Maestro, thank you and a low Bow to you!
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