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2020-07-01 Other articles >

Philatelic Gagarina - passion Hero

Yuri Gagarin - the first man who saw the ground from a height of 180 km, on 12 April 1961. As a representative of the country of Soviets, Gagarin a few days ahead of US, the first 'punched a hole' in the heavenly space of the Earth. The competition in this issue was very sharp, American astronaut flew may 5, what the United States is sorry still. 'A shame that we are not the first' - so wrote the Western media for this reason.
Who was the First cosmonaut? Gagarin entered the history of simple, slightly shy, smiling man, with photogenic looks of a hero. It was a long preparation, and it concerns not only physical training. With the moral and Patriotic side to Gagarin made special demands, because he had to represent the Soviet Union at the international level.
In numerous official visits and interviews Yuri Gagarin with honor answered, sometimes tricky questions of the foreign press, or just radiantly smiled in response. The journalists were interested in everything - from the details of the flight and ending with the, what dreams dream of the first cosmonaut.
In terms of the 'iron curtain' excessive frankness was invalid, so the restrained responses Gagarin felt indoctrination. So, in an interview with British magazine 'Flight', he replied that he landed aboard 'Vostok-1', although in fact he was catapulted to semikilometrovaya height. The fact that the international aviation Federation has identified the conditions under which upon landing the pilot must be inside the aircraft. Otherwise, the flight is not counted (!). The actual details became known only in 1971, after the death of the astronaut.
The tragic death of Gagarin was a shock to many. Some of the documents on the last flight the pilot kept secret until now. From the report of the Commission on investigation it is known that the MiG-15UTI, which made training flight, Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregin, found himself in a 'challenging weather conditions'. After a sharp maneuver, the aircraft was in sacrificy mode, which led to the death of the crew. The last words Gagarin was 'mission in the area is finished', and then the connection was lost...

The real causes of the tragedy is unlikely to actually figure out a version today there is a great variety: from elementary (pilot error, collision with the probe/plane) to the fantastic (alien).
The memory of the first brave Earthling immortalized descendants. However, the competitive passions do not cease and today. In your public from April 12, 2020, dedicated to the International Day of human flight into space, the US state Department deliberately did not mention the name of Yuri Gagarin. What harsh reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry, 'reminding' colleagues in the name of the first cosmonaut.
Keep the memory of the first cosmonaut of the Earth, such areas of collecting as numismatics, philately, procardia. Under astrophilately there is even the concept of 'philatelic Gagarina', which include postage stamps, cards, stamps, first day covers.
This event coincides with the thematic issue of postage stamps, many of which can be seen in personal collections HOBBYKEEPER.
Today, the image of Yuri Gagarin adorn postage stamps of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, the Gambia and many other countries.
To create your own collection in a private office HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE, much time will be required. But the fun and the freedom that You get is difficult to overestimate. You can catalog a brand to add in the field descriptions of all required features, as well as their own experience.
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