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The great painter from a young age set a goal to be on a par with the most famous masters of the middle Ages, by Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo. So he signed his paintings briefly, but pathetically, Rembrandt. What brought fame to Rembrandt? Glory? Money? Happiness?.. None of this he didn't have the inventory after the artist's death included a modest household items, paintings and drawings. But he lived, of course, a happy life, because all their strength and passion gave Rembrandt painting.
If you believe the found guide Jan Arles 1641, Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden on 15 July 1606. That is, today marks the 414 years since the birth of the artist.
Rembrandt's family was numerous, however, as many others in the troubled SEVENTEENTH century. Father, a wealthy Miller, could afford to give the boy to learn. So first in the life of Rembrandt had a school at Leiden University. Boring, but science was not at the heart of the living and restless boy. He drew a lot, and the father decided to send his son to study art.
The science of painting, Rembrandt had absorbed greedily. He loved to study the paintings of great painters were copied and imitated them. In 17 years, the young man goes to study at the Amsterdam Studio of Pieter Lastman, who specialized in mythological biblical stories. However, what was still possible to specialize during the reign of the Holy Inquisition hunting for heretics?!
From Lastman Rembrandt was well learned one thing: the main thing that makes the picture a masterpiece - correctly overlay the light. In the early works of the artist can be seen excessive brightness, brilliance and attention to detail.
Over time, the manner of the artist has changed - perhaps it was due to the deterioration of vision. Small details gradually disappear from the canvases, giving way to the main plot.
Like Rembrandt and portraiture. The artist left the unthinkable for that time, the number of self-portraits in which he portrayed himself in a different state and mood. Here he is laughing, cheerful small:
on the other canvas Rembrandt frown:
and here it is not to know - the lips of the artist intently clenched, he holds in his hand the curve of a Turkish sword, as if going on a hike.
Let's not forget what era did Rembrandt. It was a troubled time of wars and epidemics. However, it was a wonderful time romantic interest, when 'intoxicated stronger wine women and horses, power and war'.
Regarding the first Rembrandt in life was, of course, passionate love. His first (and only) official wife was the daughter of the burgomaster of Leeuwarden - Saskia. She depicted on numerous paintings and drawings, lovingly written by the artist.
And this is Saskia brought her husband a large dowry, which, however, did not make him wealthy. Rembrandt still painted to order, by the way, not always successfully. So the famous 'Night watch' is actually called quite differently: 'the performance of the rifle company of captain Frans banning Coca and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburgh'. The resulting group portrait went far beyond the usual pompous images. So the picture was met with misunderstanding, and the customer of her artist is not paid for.
Unique paintings of Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn are now stored in the best art galleries in the world. His name he glorified in centuries. In philately, there are many thematic sets, and blocks dedicated to the works of the artist.
Numismatics are not left behind. The 400-year anniversary of the homeland of the great Dutch issued silver coin of 5 Euro.
Cook Islands minted the famous painting 'the Man in the Golden helmet' in the series 'Masterpieces of art'. Its nominal value of 20 dollars, however, the material was taken not gold, but silver.
But the Republic of Niger did not save and minted 5,000 coins in the denominations of 100 francs of gold of 999 tests.
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Rembrandt too was a collector - he collected various antiquities, weapons, and curios. The artist used them as props for his models, with whom he painted portraits. Here is his elegant and old people with tired faces. All your purchase Rembrandt kept randomly svaluename in the closet. However, if there is such a program HOBBYKEEPER, it would have been systematized and placed on shelves.

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