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2020-08-05 Other articles >

Marilyn Monroe: 'I Hate to be a thing'

At different times of their idols, but there are personalities, whose bright life and unique charisma delight as their contemporaries, and fans of future generations. One of these stars, without a doubt, is Marilyn Monroe sex symbol, the secret dream of the youths and Mature connoisseurs of female beauty.
Norma Jeane Mortenson was the third child in the family. Who was her father - unknown, mother recorded in the metric of the future stars of the surname Baker.

Despite the difficulties, Norma grew up happy and cheerful child. In her childhood there were many different events: a mentally ill mother, a shelter and sexual harassment by guardian. To survive in such conditions, the Norm helped innate optimism and belief in yourself.
And yet, 5 August 1962 in her Los Angeles home of a famous actress was found dead. Rumors and speculation about her death went long editorials with the world's media, but the official version is suicide as a result of an overdose of barbiturates.

In 2012, Tuvalu minted commemorative silver coins to mark the anniversary of her death:

Who was this mysterious, stunningly attractive woman? Many perceive her as a beautiful doll. To know - just listen to what he says. Sayings of the Marilyn reveals her soul, in which there is compassion, cheerful optimism and great desire to love and be loved.

This Marilyn loved and respected by millions of viewers. This image was captured on eight souvenir coins from a set of 'Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962':

In 2011, the cook Islands issued 1926 $ 5 silver coins dedicated to the beauty of Marilyn:
And in 2013 for the same state the company 'Coin Invest Trust' rapped 5 thousand gold coins with the image of the smiling actress:
Marilyn truly believed in the universal equality and brotherhood. 'What the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship' the actress said in an interview. She fervently wished that people saw in her a Person with their beliefs.

However, the world did not want to see smart Monroe, everyone was interested in the glamorous blonde. At the height of the cold war, the assertion of the actress that 'all: stars, workers, blacks, Jews, Arabs - brothers' was perceived with bewilderment.

The many faces of film stars imprinted on stamps of Tanzania, Montserrat,
while the famous scenes of the blonde with a flying dress became the hallmark of the star at all times:
The actress didn't feel pretty empty. Despite the apparent ease and naturalness of manner, was behind this hard work. Norma studied acting, the basics of film and dance.

Fame and success did not fall on her suddenly, his fame, Monroe was gradual. Modeling career gradually getting more touches, and not long afterwards she receives an invitation from a film company '20th Century Fox'.
And being an aspiring model, and is already basking in the glow of world fame, Marilyn Monroe is looking for family happiness. 'A career is wonderful,' writes Monroe, but she can't warm in cold nights.

'I hate to be a thing' - was recognized as a star in one of the candid interviews. The actress was surrounded by many men, but her only she never found it and came to the conclusion that 'all men are the same - first they use you and then throw'.

She never found the 'who would see in it both good and bad, but would like to be with her'. Something still lacked in the character of Marilyn, maybe she just didn't know what should be happy family...
Flushing a bright star, Marilyn Monroe lived a short but very loud life. 'Smile, because life is a beautiful thing, and there are plenty of reasons to smile' - said the actress.
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