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2020-10-30 Other articles >

'I'm back in my city, familiar to the point of tears...'

Saint Petersburg is a city of amazing beauty and originality on the Neva river! Since its Foundation in 1703 by Peter the Great, it excites the advanced (and not so) minds of Russia and Europe.

Built in a place where no one could have imagined a settlement (low swampy terrain is not the most suitable for development), Peter quickly grew stronger and soon turned into a real gem. Foreigners looked with envy at the 'window' cut by Peter I, not understanding how this is possible.
In 1704 on the engraving of St. Peter Pikart young Peterburg looked:
Initially, its construction was carried out by 'workmen' - serfs and state peasants, who received a salary of 1 ruble per month.

Having begun a radical reform of the Russian state system, Peter I brought order to the monetary sphere. In 1704, new money was minted - a silver ruble and a round copper kopeck (equal to 1/100 of the ruble). This is how the builders of St. Petersburg were paid in cash.
After 14 years, conscription is replaced by free labor. St. Petersburg became the official capital of the Russian state in 1712.

At the beginning of the 19th century, it was no longer possible to say that the city was built on bolts. This is how St. Petersburg appeared to the French artist Andre Durand - a refined architectural silhouette, incredible space - this is Not the narrow streets of Paris!
Collectors pictures it will be interesting to know that Durand created a whole album of lithographs that reflect his impressions of traveling in Russia. 21 works are dedicated to the Northern capital, including one with Nevsky Prospekt depicted in all directions. By the way, Russian artists learned about this law only in the XVIII century, largely thanks to the works of foreigners, including Durand.
Frederic Beigbeder, French writer, having been in St. Petersburg, wrote: 'Everyone who comes to St. Petersburg constantly repeats the word' fantastic!'

Fantastic here, really, everything. In 2013, two interesting series of gift coins in souvenir cards were published- ' Masterpieces of architecture 'and' Palaces of the Russian Museum', dedicated to the sights of the Northern capital. The product will be of interest to collectors coins and pictures, as well as all those in love with the city on the Neva.
To visit St. Petersburg and not visit the main Shrine - the Kazan Cathedral-means not to see the main thing in the city. Built on Nevsky Prospekt in the early 19th century to store the venerated list of the miraculous icon of the mother of God of Kazan, the Church is an example of majestic architectural art.

Its huge dome has a diameter of 17.7 m, but it was built without any mathematical calculations of rod structures (this method was developed much later). Therefore, we can say directly that it is based on the honest word of the Creator-the Russian architect Andrey Voronikhin.
In 2011, the Saint Petersburg Mint issued 1,500 commemorative coins dedicated to the Kazan Cathedral. Their nominal value is 25 rubles, and the material is 925 silver.
For those who want to see a lot in St. Petersburg at once, the ideal option is to visit the Palace square. Its components are the Winter Palace, the Alexander column, the General staff Building with the triumphal arch - all that You have heard about as an integral part of the Northern capital, and dreamed of seeing.

The Winter residence of Russian emperors is represented on coins:
and postcards:
It is the Winter Palace that has become a symbol of an era that occupies a period of more than 70 years in the history of Russia. It was stormed by red October, and the city of Petrograd in 1917 became the 'cradle of the revolution'.
Another firestorm swept over the city in 1941-44. During a terrible period of inhuman trials, the Hero City of Leningrad withstood 872 days, each of which is a heroic struggle with death-the elderly, women, children...

Two commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank in 2019 are dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade. Their nominal value is 3 and 25 rubles, and three-ruble coins are minted from silver. Their reverse side shows a fragment of the monument to the defenders of Leningrad against the background of the salute and St. Isaac's Cathedral. 25-ruble coins sold 5 million copies.
And, of course, everyone in St. Petersburg has their favorite corner, their place of power, where you can feel the pulsation of the Earth itself.

I have it - Nevsky Prospekt and Anichkov bridge. Full of grace and grace, the classic center of St. Petersburg cannot be compared to any other city in the world. They say, however, there are some Parallels with Naples, Rome... But where else can you find so much purely Russian subtext, if not in the amazing idea of Mr. Klodt-the sculptural composition 'the Conquest of the horse by man'?! It is a vivid symbol of human strength in overcoming difficulties.
It's just that the air itself, the joyous and anxious atmosphere of waiting for a holiday makes staying in St. Petersburg the most vivid event in life. Here you want to come back again and again to see the white nights, the lights of Nevsky Prospekt, to hear the splash of water in the Neva and Fontanka, to feel 'how the moonlight flows through the pensive Neva'. The combination of natural and geographical features and beauty created by human hands has revealed to the world a unique city that
'...And on a may night in white smoke,
And in the howling of winter blizzards
It is the most beautiful of all - incomparable,
Brilliant Saint Petersburg!'
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