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2020-07-30 Other articles >

Venetian Ducat – not gold

Ducat of Venice under the Austrian flag

Brilliant 500-year history of the Venetian gold Ducat was completed at the end of the XVIII century together with the loss of independence. Having conquered Venice, Napoleon in 1797 and achieved the dismemberment of its territory: the mainland (Domini di Terraferma) departed France, the city of Venice – as compensation was given to Austria. So Dukat began a new life under the Austrian flag, no gold content, and without the name of the Doge on the obverse.

With 1524, the country operated Bank with state capital - Banco giro di Venezia. As placed in the Bank deposits, by law, could not be seized by the decision of the judiciary, the Deposit receipts of the Bank were free to go as banknotes denominated in Venetian currency - ducats. This fact and took advantage of the new Austrian government.
1 Oct 1798, on thin white paper with watermarks were printed and put in circulation Depository receipts Banco giro di Venezia in denominations of 10, 50 and 100 ducats – a curious hybrid of the symbols of the former greatness of the Venetian Republic and the new government in the face of the Habsburg monarchy.

DUCATI DIECI (10), CEDOLA No. 4092 – coupon size 125 mm x 180 mm nominal value of 10 ducats. Written text promises a welcome coupon (CEDOLA) as real money (Come dinaro effettivo) in payment of tax, land and other charges 'in pagamento delle Contribuzioni dazariarie, fondiarie, e any'.

Text in Latin, watermarks - the image of the statue of a winged lion that stands in the Cathedral of St. Mark in Venice, the same statue – black font at the bottom of the coupon. Three approval signatures at the bottom - signori Giovanelli, Fovel, Schiantarelli also aurally perceived as an Italian surname, at least two of the three. Brown ink signatures and hand-written numbers coupon is work time, changed the initially violet color of the ink in brown with brown tint.
And behind all these traditional attributes of the Venetian Republic top watches has not Venice and even not Italian, the symbol black two-headed eagle with a crown, coat of arms of the Habsburg dynasty.

The Austrian double-headed eagle long looked on top of the banknotes of Venice and the Venice in 1806, Napoleon became the Emperor of France, included the city in the Kingdom of his adopted son eugène de Beauharnais. Then again came the Austrians, then the Italians, but an independent state – the Republic of Venice with their own money – is gone forever.

What can you say about the possibility of counterfeiting the cash sign - CEDOLA? The answer to this question can serve as a certificate of authenticity from the Italian Internet company – hologram, QR code and 2 pictures of the coupon No. 4092.

НЕ золотой дукат

10 дукатов 1798

Country : Австрия
Value : 10 дукат
Year : 1798
Quantity :
Issuer : Banco giro di Venezia
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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