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2020-07-07 Other articles >

Money besieged fortresses

Carta Mоnetata

Banknotes can be issued independent States, cities in these States and even individual enterprises, each time within the boundaries of their authority. In the history there were cases when banknotes were produced - and long enough applied! in areas besieged by the enemy fortresses.

Italy, 1848 – the country began an armed uprising for liberation from the power of the Austrian Empire of the Habsburgs, led by Giuseppe Garibaldi. In Palmanova fortress soldiers of the local garrison supported the Patriotic initiative, disarmed the Austrians and declared themselves independent from the Hapsburgs.
It should be noted that the fortress was perfectly prepared for a long siege, had the shape of a star with 9 rays, strengthening in line 2, surrounded by a deep moat. Add to this the garrison of professional soldiers, who formed together with local residents 1 440 Patriotic Italians. It was in the fortress and who lead the uprising in Palmanova in prison contained a former Napoleonic General Carlo Zucci, who beat the Austrians under the leadership of Bonaparte at the battles of Marengo and Wagram, as well as participated in the Russian campaign of 1812
While the Austrian troops under the command of field Marshal Josef Radetzky reached the fortress, located 55 km from Trieste, the rebels had time to thoroughly stock up on food and other necessities. Walls strong, cannon and kernels to these, there are – you can sit, fire intermittently from the walls and wait for reinforcements.
But it soon became clear that the organization of military-industrial relations in the fortress lacked an essential element - money: the soldiers need to pay salaries, local artisans and pay them to repair guns and rifles that were critical in conditions of isolation, etc.
To bring the matter to compulsory requisition and to expect that soldiers will be fed one patriotism, General Cucci considered wrong. By his order the fortress of Palmanova printed their own paper money in the following denominations: 25 and 50 centesimo; 1, 2, 3 and 6 lire.

On hand were cardboard – I used cardboard, but not simple, but with watermarks. The role of emission center has completed the 'Commissione di Finanza della Fortezza', whose oval seal assured the signature of 4-h leaders of the provisional government, but not a facsimile, and personally signed on the banknotes – not lazy. Fortress money called Carta Monetata, and on every bill put a number: the order should be in everything.

More than six months – 7 months! – the besieged fortress lived by their own laws with their money. At this time field Marshal Radetzky is gradually smoothed by the Carbonari throughout Italy, and on 6 August 1948 and took Milan. Fortress Palmanova surrendered with their guns and their money.

In 1848, out – happened in 18 years: in 1866 Palmanova was acceded to the newly independent Italian state. And Carta Monetata, becoming a symbol of the national liberation struggle of the Italians, migrated to the museums and collections of paper money collectors.

Carta Monetata 2 лиры 1848

Carta Monetata. 2 лиры 1848 г.

Country : Италия
Value : 2 лира
Year : 1848
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :

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