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Known and unknown to Charles Darwin

Darwin was considered a remedial student

Indeed, enrolling at the age of eight in an Anglican school, Shrewsbury, little Charles had little interest in classical languages and literature. His passion was the natural Sciences and collecting. Darwin created his collection of nothing. He was interested in minerals and shells, butterflies and beetles that he collected everywhere. Along the way, Darwin was fascinated by chemistry, which the headmaster felt 'empty time'. So at the end of the institution Charles Darwin received a certificate with mediocre grades his progress.

Darwin hated medicine

His father, Robert Darwin, was a successful doctor. And he, of course, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. In 1825 Charles brother, Erasmus goes to the University of Edinburgh medical faculty. Soon, however, a young and energetic student starts to get bored in lectures and surgery and is afraid of his own barbaric methods. Passion of Darwin is the natural Sciences, which he exchanged training in med school.

Darwin was known as a adventurer

The young scientist was so attracted to science that for the sake of a geological expedition he could sacrifice the many mundane things. He was fascinated by taxidermy and natural history, and materialism became his worldview and lifestyle. In a fateful turn in the biography of a scientist has become a world trip, which he made as a naturalist aboard the brig 'Beagle' in the years 1831-1836. Such ventures from Charles was not expecting anyone, including himself.

The basis of his famous book was field observations

For five years, a burning passion to explore anything and everything a young genius collects valuable material. Today, rare specimens of flora and fauna collected by Darwin during his journey, exhibited in leading museums of the world, and did not lost its scientific value. He visited Brazil, Tierra del Fuego, Australia, Oceania, and Africa, everywhere bringing valuable scientific material. A fantastic journey showed to Charles Darwin, the world in all its manifestations, and have further allowed us to form a theory on the origin of species on earth.

World stamp collecting has many copies, dedicated to the great scientist. In 1959 in the Soviet Union was released multicolor commemorative stamp dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Darwin. In the catalog Standard Collection cost of the burnt copy without comments identified by a six digit number. Mark is considered rare.
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