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2020-06-29 Other articles >

Interrupted flight of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The heavy twin-engine fighter P-38 'lightning', piloted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was literally interrupted. This happened on 31 July 1944 in the sea near Marseille, when raged the Second world war. The life of 44-year-old pilot, reporter, writer, Chevalier of the Legion of honor was broken on the peak of...
At that time, already famous in France writer would remain aloof from the fighting, delighting their fans with new works. But Saint-exupéry thought otherwise. To the entreaties of friends to stay in the rear and benefit as a writer, he answered that he considers 'great enormity' to be in security during a world war. 'Cause everything I love is under threat', wrote Saint-Exupery friends in 1939. And rushed to protect the world.
Despite the elderly for the pilot age, the writer was at the place of mobilization to the military airport of Toulouse-Montaudran. He was enrolled in a long-range reconnaissance unit, where he performed several sorties. Exupery was presented with the award for 'Military cross', and after the capitulation of France, he joined the air force 'Fighting France'.
From birth to death makes a way, everybody has his own. During his short life (he lived only 44 years) Saint-Exupery left his mark as a journalist, pilot and of course a writer. Great Romantic thought that 'the world is too many people that no one helped to awaken'. With his work he wanted to light a fire in the hearts of the readers, to give them freedom and love.
Until 1998 about the death of the writer was dismissed. It was customary to assume that it crashed in the Alps. But every secret ever becomes clear. It happened at this time. In 1998 was found a bracelet named 'Antoine' and 'Consuelo' (the name of the wife of the writer), and the American publishers 'Reynal & Hitchcock', which came out of the book Saint-Exupery. Two years later, near the alleged crash site at a depth of 70 meters was discovered the remains of the aircraft. Serial number 2734-L belonged to the car, which in the distant July the 44th was piloted by Saint-Exupery...
'You live in their actions, and not in the body - Exupery wrote. - You are your actions, and there is no other you.' That's the way he lived, worked and dreamed to make the world better.
On 29 June, the world celebrates the 120th anniversary of the birth of Saint-exupéry. To the anniversary date, the grateful descendants coincided with many events, including the issuance of commemorative stamps.
Philately, Israel, Mexico, Slovakia and, of course, his native France immortalized the memory of the great visionary on the stamps of different years.
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