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2020-05-20 Other articles >

New mobile applications for IOS with an updated interface

Friends, meet!
New versions of mobile IOS app 'Numismatist's Safe' and 'World of Banknotes' and new mobile IOS app 'My philately' and 'My postcards'.

  • Complete re-design of the user interface
  • Separate display modes: view and edit
  • Recovery feature image
  • Dual data view mode: lists and tab groups
  • Communication with the service Hobbykeeper Online
  • Dark theme for iOS
  • Optimization of interface for iPad
  • Improving interaction with the keyboard
  • Full compatibility with iOS devices

Done! We have released a brand new app for iOS devices. Users of iPhone or iPad can download to your mobile program created specifically for collectors.

And it's not just limited in functionality reference books, which are found in the vast App Store. It is a complete mobile application for the reference collections of the user.
In programs you will find a convenient, fully updated 'clickable' interface and the ability to conduct unlimited collections. Each program is designed for a specific type of collection

Coins | Postage stamps | Banknotes | Postcards

For each type of collection provides a large number of features that allows you to create the most detailed description of each item of the collection. Of course, all features are optional - fill in only those you want.

In programs there are two data display modes: view and edit. In preview mode you will only see filled specifications, the blank will be hidden. For editing opened all fields, and you can switch the view to display: a single list or in separate sections.

Most of the fields is updated directories, you can add the directories, and then just select them from the list
Examples of reference books: countries, rulers, safety, etc.

Also, for each collection object, you can set its status is E.g. 'Available', 'Delivery', 'Paid', 'Not paid', etc., And you will always know what is currently happening to him and will not forget, for example, to pay or to pick up my mail

To record data about transactions there are two special sections 'Sell' and 'Buy' There you can add the date of the transaction, the price, the final price (for example, including postage), the currency of the purchase, the counterparty and a small review

Now it is unnecessary to record all of this information anywhere, information about your collections can be stored in Hobby Keeper Software

Enjoyable to use,
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