In the  'Numismatist's Safe' app the numismatist can maintain a catalog of his coin collection on a mobile iOS device. Also, the application will become a convenient assistant for the coin dealer. This app version works on iPhone and iPad devices.

Save information about coins, store data on purchases and sales, set statuses for coins. Now you will always know what is already in your collection, what would you like to buy or sell, and what is in delivery.

What's new

  • Zooming of obverse and reverse images
  • Cropping of obverse and reverse images in 1:1 scale

Coin collection in your pocket.

Create an electronic catalog of your collection on your mobile device. You can divide the collection into several thematic lists and work with each of them separately. Now you are not dependent on the filled coin catalogs, where you cannot change or add anything. You can create your catalog yourself, and the collection filtering function will help you easily find the coins you are interested in at the moment.

Electronic coin cards.

Each entry in your collection is an electronic card that contains all the information that you consider necessary to add to describe the coin. The card contains more than 40 characteristics of the coin, of which half are reference characteristics, such as country, series, mint, etc. You can also fill in the field 'Coin description' in which you can add a detailed description or some additional information.

Actual status.

Set and change the current status of the coin. Statuses can have any names that you understand, for example, “Paid”, “In Delivery”, “In Stock”, “Sold”, etc. Now, relevant information about each coin in your collection will always be at your fingertips. And you will not forget to pay a coin or receive it in the mail.

Coin images.

You can attach obverse and reverse images to each coin card. Add coin photos directly from your mobile device or download images from the Internet. You can change or delete the photo at any time. Scaling and cropping images with gestures are available. After the coin image is added, you can share it in messaging applications or social networks.

Save transaction data.

For each coin in your collection, you can add buy and sell data. This information will be useful to you when making subsequent transactions and, in the future, for generating reports and statistics. You can add information about sellers and buyers, coin price, currency, date of purchase and sale, as well as fill out a short comment.