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2021-02-19 Other articles >

The main coin of the world

What do 100 kilograms look like? It could be a panda or a brown bear, or a rock that fell out of the Wailing Wall in 2018. You can, of course, and man, if you want to collect 100 kg of live weight, which was a kind bodypositive. But it's better not to.
However, when it comes to precious metals - 100 kg is very good. Especially in gold. In honor of its queen, Elizabeth II, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a giant coin made of pure gold. Its weight is exactly 100 kg, and this numismatic masterpiece is dedicated to the' main coin of the world ' (this is how it is called in the British Empire) - the sovereign.
The coin owes its actual status to such a loud name. The sovereign has a value of 1 pound sterling and for several centuries has played a major role in world trade and international payment settlements.

It all began in the distant 15th century, when Henry VII, who forcibly wrested the English throne, began to implement reforms in war-torn England. In addition to the lavish rewards of numerous associates and the executions of no less numerous competitors, the newly minted monarch Henry VII Tudor was engaged in strengthening the finances. He replenished the treasury by confiscating the castles of his enemies of yesterday, and increased taxes. Fines were introduced, which were issued even for long-overdue offenses.
But the most important step in strengthening the financial system in the country was the introduction in 1489 of a new single currency-the sovereign. It got its name due to the image on the obverse of the king (read Henry VII), that is, the sovereign. With this, Henry once again emphasized his royal greatness and importance, and the country received a serious monetary unit, which was destined to prosper for centuries.
Since then, it has been customary to depict the monarch on the English currency. In the twentieth century, this honor was awarded to the 'grandmother of the nation', Queen Elizabeth II-safely ruling for 68 years.

During her time on the throne, many ruling dynasties changed in the world, a person flew into space, television and the Internet appeared, the UK managed to enter and leave the European Union. Her Majesty Elizabeth II is currently the oldest living monarch, despite this, she is still popular and continues to be active.
Today, the pound sterling acts as the third reserve currency of the world, allowing only the dollar and the euro to get ahead of themselves. The new model sovereign, which has been minted since 1817, is a coin weighing 7.98 grams, of which 7.32 grams is pure gold.
The Royal Canadian Mint went much further, giving the sovereign a new lease of life in the form of a 100-pound giant coin. On its obverse, as it should be, there is a portrait of the sovereign-Queen Elizabeth II. And the reverse is decorated with the national symbol of Canada-a maple leaf.

At the Dorotheum auction, this masterpiece was sold for $ 4 million. And it is not clear why an unknown collector laid out such a round sum - for 100 kg of precious metal or for the originality and creativity of the product. In any case, a gold sovereign (whether it is a standard or collectible coin) has both real and investment value today. And every year it only grows.

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