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2021-01-26 Other articles >

Rare 1 pound sterling out of circulation

1994 Scotland Lion Rampant £1

It is impossible to live in the country for about a year and not bring home small change in your pockets. Usually these coins are then collected and put in one place-not as collectible coins, but as a memory of your stay in the country.

When I recently came across a box of English pounds and pence, I wondered if there was a rare coin hidden there by chance.
From the obverse, all coins with a face value of 1 pound sterling are identical in design – they are decorated with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, but the reverse has more than 20 types of different designs.
When I went to the website of the oldest English online store selling stamps and coins “Westminster Collection “and used the service” ChangeChecker', I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of my coins - 1994 Scotland Lion Rampant £1 - falls into the top ten of the rarest coins of its denomination, if we take into account those coins of 1 pound sterling that are still in circulation in the United Kingdom.
                                                                                     Scarcity Index Score
1. 2011  Edinburgh                                        100    
2. 2011  Wales Cardiff                                     88  
3. 2010  London                                                77  
4. 2014  Thistle and the bell                            55 
5. 1988  Crown and shield                               51 
6. 2013  Rose and oak                                       47
7. 2014  Flax and Shamrock                            47 
8. 2013  Daffodil and the leek                         40  
9. 2010  Belfast                                                 32
10. 1994  Scotland lion Raman                       19
24. 1983, 1993, 2003, 2008   Coat of Arms of Great Britain     1
When determining the degree of rarity of the coin, ChangeChecker takes into account not only the mintage of the coin, but also the statistics of Royal Mint on the withdrawal of a particular coin from circulation, and when calculating the index, it makes an adjustment to the data available to the Westminster Collection on the demand for the coin from numismatists.

The minimum rarity index-1-was assigned to the coin 'Coat of Arms of Great Britain', issued repeatedly-in 1983, and 1993, and in 2003, and in 2008, and the maximum rarity index was assigned to the rarest coin of this denomination - 'Edinburgh' in 2011.
My £1 ' Scotland Lion Rampan 'has an index of 19 – the coin is classified as 19 times rarer than the most common coin of this denomination in circulation in the United Kingdom, the £1'Coat of Arms of Great Britain'.

Lion rampan-from the French rampant, standing up – is a heraldic image of a lion, introduced in the XIII century under King Alexander II of Scotland: the lion stands on its hind legs, front paws threaten, tail raised, tongue protruding from its mouth.

If the £1 'Scotland lion rampan' coin is rare, how much can it be worth? In perfect condition on eBay, the price can go up to £25.
My 'lion rampan' is not in perfect condition – after all, it is out of circulation, but after information from the 'Westminster Collection', I moved the coin from the box with the change to the collection coins – in a separate cell.

Редкий 1 фунт стерлингов из обращения

£1 «Шотландия лев рампан» 1994, Великобритания

Country : Великобритания
Value : 1 фунт стерлингов
Year : 1994
Mint :
Circulation :
Material :
Weight :
Diameter :
Alexander R.

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