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2020-07-21 Other articles >

Once again on the rebel money

Vs Greenbacks Greybacks

In 1861 in the US Civil war began between the North and the South. The war had divided the country into 2 spheres of monetary circulation: on the North, the trade was served by green notes (greenbacks) with portraits of President Lincoln and Treasury Secretary chase, in the South it was more diverse and much more interesting.
The first money of southerners, called greybacks for the predominance of gray shades in the design of the bills was released only 2 months after registration of the Confederate States in April 1861
Design for their Treasury bills confederates chose different and all with the subtext: often tickets depicting the happy black slaves with smiles on their faces and George Washington who was himself a planter and anti-slavery in his time does not mind.
A number of active politicians-southerners migrated to the bills: President, D. Davis, Finance Minister K. Memminger, Minister of war D. Randolph and others – many people wanted to see themselves in the money. In addition to prominent male politicians on Treasury bills and found a picture of a woman – Lucy Holcombe Pickens, wife of Governor of South Carolina, I suppose – for 2 reasons: her personal donations to outfit an entire battalion of the southerners and the beauty - picture of the wife of Governor bill doubtless adorned.
Curious existed in the Confederate order of signing Treasury notes: the first 6 copies each signed by the Registrar and Treasurer of his own as a sample. And then hired competent people, as a rule, plodding women who own hand reproduced the signature of the Registrar and Treasurer for the remaining of the issued tickets.
Existing in my collection Treasury ticket face value of $ 20 depicts the building of the Capitol of the rebel state of Tennessee. In the centre the inscription'Confederation of States agrees to pay to the order of the bearer of a ticket is $ 20 in the city of Richmond', and the vignette on top is specified – 'after 2 years from the date of ratification of the peace Treaty between the Confederate States (the South) and the United States (the North)'.
In the bottom right corner – photo by Alexander G. Stevens, Vice-President of the Confederation of States. Here is a quote from its mission statement, made on 21 March 1861 in Savannah, Georgia: “... the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, to to the superior race is the natural and normal condition”.
The Alexander H. Stephens bought the beginning of the Civil war 34 a slave and probably didn't really want to it's his personal property orderly moved North in search of a better life.
The policy had been known for the fact that from time to time publicly expressed his disagreement with the President of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis – a kind of dissident and Negro-hater.
T-bill has on the front a pink tinge – probably the company “Keatinge & Ball Columbia SC” wanted a way to give bill a bit of optimism. And on the flip side blue - nominal letters (TWENTY) and numerals (20): simple and no frills.
During the years of Civil war, the Confederate money was printed according to their needs, i.e. - a lot, and they devalued: in 1865, a piece of soap in the South cost about 50 hrabacov. But now, after 155 years, among paper money collectors on the greybacks are in great demand – and not just from collectors-southerners.

20 долларов 1864, КША

20 долларов 1864, КША

Country : Конфедеративные Штаты Америки
Value : 20 доллар
Year : 1864
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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