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2021-03-05 Other articles >

Money of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Issue dated March 8, 1981-exactly 40 years ago - with the date on the banknote

On banknotes, the year of its issue is usually printed, sometimes the year is not written, and on this banknote there is a full date-8 Mars 1981.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not a large country in size, but with an eventful history: since the X century it has been an independent territory, which received the status of a county in the XI century, in the XIV century it raised its status to a duchy, and in 1817 at the Vienna Congress of the victorious countries of Napoleon it was called a Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg began issuing its own paper money in 1856: by decree of Grand Duke Willem III, the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) was formed - a private commercial bank with German capital (Erlanger, Oppenheim, Schaaffhausen'scher Bankverein), which was granted the right to issue bank notes.

The first banknotes were issued by BIL in 1856, the last ones-in 1981, the last banknotes will be discussed.
The banknote of 100 Luxembourg francs issued in 1981, measuring 142 mm x 76 mm, was made by order of BIL in England by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Company, which has been printing banknotes and postage stamps since 1856.
On the front side are depicted:
  • portraits of Grand Duke Jean and Prince Henri of Nassau-Orange;
  • architectural sights of Luxembourg-bridges (Grand Duke Adolphe Bridge, Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, Luxembourg Viaduct), as well as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.
There are 3 signatures in the center of the bill:
  • le Commissaire du Gouvernement;
  • le President du Conceil d’Administration;
  • le President du Comite de Direction.
So on what occasion did the 2nd crowned men place their portraits on the banknote on March 8, 1981-did they remember the women?
No, they remembered the decree of the Grand Duke of March 8, 1856, according to which the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) was formed.
I received this' bank card dated March 8 ' J1206132 in a pressed state directly from the hands of a cashier in Luxembourg itself, where the management of the Russian bank celebrated the opening of its representative office.

Lovely women, happy 8th March 2021!

Деньги Великого герцогства Люксембург

100 франков 1981

Country : Люксембург
Denomination : 100 франк
Year : 1981
Quantity :
Issuer :
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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