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2021-04-12 Other articles >

Don Rubles (part 3)

5 rubles sample of 1918-printed in Novocherkassk

5 Don rubles-traditionally blue, for my taste – they are the most beautiful of all the Don issues. And some issues are also the most protected against counterfeiting for banknotes of that time.
Since its foundation in 1805 by ataman Matvey Platov, Novocherkassk has been the administrative center of the Don Cossacks – until the revolution of 1917, about half of the city's population was represented by Cossacks and their family members, with almost no merchant class.
The region of the Don Army as an administrative unit had its own document flow, for the service of which in 1918 in Novocherkassk was created 'Expedition for the preparation of valuable forms' - read, a printing house for the execution of orders of the ataman of the Don Army.
The expedition produced not only letterheads-they printed everything that needed to be given a Cossack symbolism. In particular, in 1918, the expedition pleased the Cossacks with playing cards, on which the kings were depicted as Cossack atamans, jacks – in the form of Don Cossacks and ladies – in the form of Don Cossacks.
In February 1919, at the suggestion of the former governor of the State Bank of Russia, I. P. Shipov, who at that time held the position of a member of the Special Meeting under the Commander – in-Chief of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, it was decided to use the production facilities of the Novocherkassk expedition to solve more serious problems-for printing banknotes.
5 ruble Don banknotes began to be printed in Rostov-on-Don back in July 1918, but Rostov circulations were clearly not enough.
In April 1919, Novocherkassk printed the first Don 5-ruble notes in the size of 153 mm x 93 mm: first on ordinary paper, and since May 1919 – on paper with watermarks in the form of the monogram GB (State Bank).
However, in some respects, the quality of banknotes in Novocherkassk still did not reach the level of Rostov.
In Rostov, 5 ruble Don banknotes were marked with UV-lit tags as a way to combat counterfeiting, which was a technical innovation at that time.
Technical progress was obvious, only one small thing was not provided: the purchase of ultraviolet lamps to verify the authenticity of banknotes in the proper amount was not bothered.
Nevertheless, the beauty of my AP-75 series banknote printed in Novocherkassk was not affected at all by the absence of an ultraviolet mark.

Донские рубли

5 рублей 1918 г., Россия

Country : Россия
Denomination : 5 рубль
Year : 1918
Quantity :
Issuer : Ростовская н/Д Контора Государственного Банка
Series :
Valid from :
Valid till :
Cancelled :
Alexander R.

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