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Collection of Paintings - Version 2.2.5


If you are an artist or collects paintings, then you just need this application. With its help, you can create a detailed catalog of your paintings, adding their photos and characteristics, as well as the necessary description and notes. Now you will always know what works you have in stock, so that you would like to purchase, and what is up for sale or has already been sold. In addition, you can upload the data of your collection to the Hobbykeper Online account and use it to share links to the paintings of your collection with potential buyers or just acquaintances.

What's new

  • New mobile app for art collectors and artists
  • The ability to maintain your own catalog of paintings
  • Fully compatible with iOS devices
  • Sync with Hobbykeeper Online service
      • Fixed keyboard display bug

      Digital painting collection

      Create a list of your paintings on your mobile phone or tablet. You can take photos of them directly from your mobile device or add professional photos by uploading them from external drives. Your meeting will be available to you anywhere and anytime, even in the absence of the Internet.

      Describe each painting

      With our application, you can create the most detailed description of each of your paintings. For this, there are fields with the selection and input of characteristics, as well as the ability to enter a detailed text description of the collection item.

      Add images

      For each picture in the collection, you can add images from your mobile device. Take the opportunity to take photos from the built-in camera right in the program and add them to the electronic recording of the picture. In addition, you can select images from the gallery, having previously loaded there images from external sources.

      The status of the painting at the moment

      You can always get up-to-date information about the status of your collection. Use the 'Status' parameter in the description of your paintings. The picture may be in your collection or you want to purchase it, or maybe you are just creating your masterpiece or have already put it up for sale. Set the current status, for example 'In stock', 'On sale', 'I want', etc. and you will always be aware of current affairs.

      Purchases and sales

      It is equally important to know the information about settlements with buyers and sellers. In the program 'Collection of Paintings' you can save this data on the 'Market' tab. In the sections 'Purchase' and 'Sale' you can enter the date of the transaction, the counterparty, the cost of the painting and add a comment about the transaction.

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