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Organize your collection of banknotes using the program 'World of banknotes'. You will see as far as it is convenient.

With this application, you can create an electronic catalog of its collection at any time and be able to quickly track its status. You will be able to make all the basic features of the banknote, and also add a description of images, web links, and his note. Buying and selling his collection of material, you can keep the program up the transaction, and then generate a report statistics. You can also create a reference catalog notes and share them with other users.

'World of banknotes' – an application that will make collecting even more fun.

What's new

  • New function of uploading collections to the collector's web area
  • New function to download collections to the program from your personal web area
  • New features for synchronizing data between the program and personal web area
  • 30-day usage limit removed
  • Bugs fixed

Create the electronic catalog of the collection.

Add information about the bills from your collection. You will be able to describe the bill by more than 50 properties, most of which are informative, ie, once added, can be used in the future to select. Also you have the ability to add notes from the reference catalog is filled.

The program has added integration with the collector's personal area ( Upload the collection to your personal account, upload to the program. Keep a collection where it is convenient for you, and the program 'World of banknotes' will take care of synchronization.

Add images, files, and Internet links.

The ability to add notes to the description of more than 10 images, make your directory even more informative. The image size does not matter, add photos in full resolution. Built-in image viewer will make it possible to consider the bill in detail. Some information about the bill is stored on your computer in files (doc, pdf …) or you find an interesting link about online bill? Perfect! Attach these files, and links to a description of the banknote.

Keep information about transactions.

You bought or sold a bill of your collection? Save the transaction in the program and you will be able to get statistics of your expenses and income. The description of the bill can add data on contractors (buyers and sellers), prices, and trade currency, and also leave your comment.

Edit banknotes in your personal area.

Edit references, characteristics and descriptions of the banknotes. Reference elements, coin records and images are synchronized with the program 'World of banknotes'.

Import data from files.

If data on your collection of banknotes are stored in the MS Excel files, you can use the import of the files given from MS Excel built in the program. In total that it will be necessary for you is to choose the file for an import, to specify compliances of columns of the file to characteristics of a banknote and to press the Load button. Data from the file will be automatically added in the electronic catalog of the program.

Filtering and sorting banknotes.

With the filtering window, you can select the directory information on specific conditions. You need to choose the type of selection and value (such as filtering by country and country “Great Britain”), and the table will be filled only notes that value. For display data in a table, you can use the multi-level sorting of data by any field with the forward and reverse the sort order.

Search in a collection.

If your collection is large enough – sometimes difficult to find the right note. This problem does not exist in the 'World of banknotes'. It is easily solved by a quick keyboard search functions on the table columns and the function of the collection of global search key phrases on all columns.

Print report.

With this program you can create your own printed catalog of his collection. For this program it is possible to print reports in a list or cards. You can set up a way to group and sort report data, select a group of notes to print, customize the output of additional information (report name, date, time, page numbers). After the formation of the report, you can print it out or save a file in MS Excel, MS Word and PDF.

Customize the program as you want it.

Program interface 'World of banknotes' the very flexible. You can adjust an order and visibility of fields in the table of banknotes, the provision of a conclusion of images (vertical or horizontal), the size of images, a way of display of fields of a banknote on the panel of information on a banknote.

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