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Security services Hobby Keeper

Security services Hobby Keeper

Friends, saw the light of personal online Cabinet collector Hobbykeeper Online

After the publication of information about the service we began to receive from you feedback, including issues of data security.

Please note that the company Hobby Keeper pays special attention to online security and guarantees the security of your data.
In addition, we provide collectors program for the PC, which store information locally on a personal computer

For management of personal collections in Hobbykeeper Online:

✅Do not require any personal information
  • To register, you need only e-mail
  • Name, date of birth and a nickname is optional
  • You decide how to fill in a personal profile

✅Confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Data about your collection is stored in a secure database
  • The information stored in the database, no access to even the developers
  • Server data is securely protected

✅The data is only accessible to you personally
  • Without your personal permission (publications collections) nobody gets access to your data
  • You have full control over the access to your collections and determine the degree of access, the range of available data and participants access
  • Granted access you can close at any time

✅No one can follow you
  • We use an encrypted data channel
  • The website has a qualified certificate for online security
  • We do not collect or store data about network connections

✅All legally
  • Hobby Keeper LLC legally registered company
  • We are official
  • All distributed development company digital signature

✅We are reliable
  • Hobby Keeper more reliable than social networks, forums and online stores where you necessarily indicate personal data, often even a phone number and shipping address
  • For reference collections in the Hobby Keeper Online this information you are not required

Hobbykeeper Online - exceptionally comfortable and reliable service for management of personal collections with the unique ability to securely share information with friends and colleagues on Hobbies.

✅ Local programs for PC
If you are still not decided on the web office Hobbykeeper Online, you can use the local programs for collectors on a PC

Database these programs are stored locally on your personal computer, Internet access is not needed.

Hobby Keeper makes your hobby more safe
You need to take your collection material in travel shops, at auctions or fairs for comparison and evaluation all the information about your collection is in your mobile device or laptop. Accordingly, your collection is not exposed to any risk.

Hobby Keeper - a company that opens new horizons for collectors all over the world!

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