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Loading data from MS Excel in HobbyKeeper Online

Dear friends,
Meet the new functionality in the service Hobbykeeper Online
Loading data in the private office of collector of MS Excel files ...
Many collectors in the old store their collections in an Excel file.
Add information about the new additions to the collections, describe your collection material, keep records of purchases and sales. Or can conduct a collection in the program, whose functionality allows you to export data to Excel file.
In any case, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily upload these data to Hobbykeeper Online and go to a whole new level of service.
Download works as simple as possible.

The loading mechanism will be very familiar if you already use a local Hobbykeeper programs on the computer.

Safe numismatist program for coin collectors
My stamp collection program for collectors post stamps
World of banknotes - a program for collectors of paper money
My postcards - a program for collectors of postcards

Panel Hobbykeeper in personal Cabinet a new function of 'Import from Excel'

Clicking the link will take you to the selection window of the collection you want to load data from an Excel file.
The desired collection You can find by searching or select from the drop-down list.
After selecting the collection will open a window pre-processing of data to download.

In this window you need to insert data copied from the Excel file.
To do this:
Open the MS Excel file with the information on the computer and select all or only necessary to load the rows in the file.

Copy rows to the clipboard (right-click and select 'Copy') and paste data from the clipboard into a window pre-processing (right-click and select 'Paste').
After this you need to assign matching fields of a collection, pointing to the column headers of the field names that correspond to these columns.
Initially, the column headers is set to 'do Not download', i.e. the column will be excluded from the download.

Clicking on the column header, you will see a list of available fields that the column can fit within the selected collection.
If certain lines should not be loaded, click on the trash icon to the left of the row. String pomeritsya remote. Clicking on the return icon, you will return a string to load.

By matching, you can begin to import data.

Attention! To create objects, collections (coins, stamps, banknotes, postcards) column 'Name' is mandatory (otherwise the import would work in boot mode only directories).

Flexible loading of data in the personal Cabinet Hobbykeeper Online from Excel files is that you can load new objects collections (coins, stamps, banknotes and postcards), with all the necessary fields, and, separately, the elements of the reference.
Download directories:

For example, in Excel file you have is a list of countries.
You can copy data to the clipboard, paste in the form of pre-processing to match a list of countries and download data.

Data will be added to the list of countries selected collection (for each row of the table will create a new directory item).

Also you can simultaneously download multiple directories at the same time.
The data of each Handbook should be distributed to different columns and set the required compliance (eg. Country, the Mint, the Governor).
Download collection objects:

Suppose you have Excel file with table of coins, and filled with information on them.
This can be any information you are to Excel in their collections: reference (eg. Country, Mint, Ruler, etc.) and static (Name, Weight, Alloy, Description, etc.).
Pasting from the clipboard information copied from an Excel file, you will receive a data table on the coins corresponding to your Excel table.

Arrange the necessary matching table columns to the fields collection.
Attention! To create a collection object column under the field 'Name' is mandatory (otherwise the import would work in boot mode only directories).

Columns should not be loaded, select 'do Not download'.
After pressing the 'Upload' button for each table row will create a new item in the collection with fields filled according to the established correspondences.

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