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2020-05-03 Other articles >

Hobbykeeper Online - development continues...

Dear friends!
Thank you for your support, very pleased to receive your feedback and to feel your keen interest in the development.

In turn, we would like to inform you that the project is not in place and the team Hobbykeeper constantly working on it.
A personal account of the collector Hobbykeeper Online is constantly improving, to work with him is getting nicer, added new functionality and you have new unique opportunities.

Not to be unfounded, will bring a number of improvements that we have implemented in recent years (the largest allocated have):

💡 Fixed menu control collections and objects (right now the user does not need to return to the top of the page to save your changes)

Have the copy function records (no need to fill out the same information for the same objects, just copy the object)

💡 Near Windows directories appeared button with three dots (previously reference was to choose a set of names from the keyboard or by clicking on the header that was not quite transparent)

💡 After saving changes to the object, the user stays on the same tab (now you don't need to go to the tab that was edited)

Have changed form to display records in public collections (now the information presented by the list, divided into groups, which is more convenient to view the information, empty fields of the object are not displayed)
sample collection

💡 If the custom code for the object is not specified, it does not appear the header of the object. Also in the header we visually divided the encryption information from notes for notes added the 'read more...'

💡 Image for your collection each time is generated randomly from images of objects (just wondering and nice)

Have a function to copy/paste an image object from the clipboard (previously had only the possibility to load an image from disk)

And it's certainly not a complete list already made improvements. And most certainly yet to come... So, as before, waiting for your suggestions and wishes via e-mail or through the feedback form

Let's do this project together! Your team Hobby Keeper.

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