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2019-12-27 Other articles >

Collector's personal area

Dear collectors!

Our team is pleased to announce some good news.
Saw the light a personal account of the user of the project a Hobby Keeper.
Almost a year of development, design, debate, and improvements and here it is open to you, meet. Of course, this is only the first version and we have ambitious plans for improvements and extension of its functionality. But! Now personal account Hobby Kiper gives the collector the unique opportunity to conduct their collection online in four areas: numismatics, bonistics, philately and procardia.

Your collections will be available to you anywhere anytime with an Internet connection. Just go to your personal account on a Hobby Keeper from every available device - PC, smartphone, tablet (mobile personal Cabinet adapted).
In the personal Cabinet has the function of adding collections of four types; add, edit and delete items in collections filtering collection in any performance. For easy filling characteristics being a replenishable reference with the possibility of further choice from the list. For each item you can add images, and on a mobile device this can be done directly from the camera.
The items in the collection can be presented in two forms: card and list, choose what is more convenient for you.

There are many new features: among them are copying, editing, recognition, forum, chat, user groups, etc. as well As functions that may will offer you. So please try it, leave your comments, suggestions, and comments.
At the moment, for personal account is free PROMO rate.
All features are available in full without restrictions to 30.06.2020
The users, which aid the project development, design and testing PROMO rate can be extended.

Happy New Year and merry Christmas!
Cozy holidays!

The project team Hobby Keeper.

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