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Collection of paintings - a new program for art collectors and artists

What is the 'Collection of paintings'

Art lovers and patrons were busy making their own collections always. Someone artistic canvas gives a powerful aesthetic impulse, and someone interested in the paintings to emphasize their social status or to make a profitable economic investment. If You paint pictures, you are already the owner of the world's best collections of their own.

Are you passionate about painting, collecting paintings or want to show the world their creations - a new program project HOBBYKEEPER 'Collection of paintings' was created especially for You.
• You can easily catalog your collection;
• To regularly update it with new works of art;
• Communicate with collectors all over the world;
• Demonstrate self-fabric;
• To constantly have access to all You are interested in actual information.

We provide the opportunity to become the owner of my favorite works, despite their exclusivity. You will be able to create their own virtual gallery by adding to each leaf a detailed description, reference material and their own experience.

'Collection of paintings' in the personal area HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE

Service for collectors HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE allows you to create and organize a personal collection of pictures online, and upload it to a personal area. You can constantly replenish catalog of new instances, making the necessary information with photos.

Create your online collection in a private office where You will have the following options:
• adding images
• the location of the detailed descriptions (there is a specific field on the page);
• to share their experiences with friends (you need to generate a link and send it to the recipient).

We went further, developing a mobile app for iOS. Now You will be able to conduct their online collection of paintings from anywhere, it will be enough to have only access to the Internet. The 'painting' is adapted for smartphones and tablets.


Select the most convenient type of discharge:
• if You want to see on one page, more elements, use list. Search and systematization of paintings in this format will be much easier;
• if You care about visualization - card will allow to display a larger number of compact images.

Provides a mechanism for synchronization of the personal account with a local HOBBYKEEPER programs on Your PC. So You can keep your collection in the 'Collection of paintings' and to upload the data in the private office of collector.

To optimise the search for available options quick search and filter material in any performance. Reference information is placed at the 27 points where You can enter General data about the painting, information about its value and artistic value.

When working with collection options available
• add,
• removal
• edit.

On your mobile device to add items You can directly from the camera. To have access to their Collection of paintings' will always and everywhere subject to the availability of the Internet connection.
HOBBYKEEPER allows you to easily connect with collectors all over the world, provides the opportunity to see other collections that are in the public domain.


We guarantee full safety of Your collection online - our website has an SSL certificate. All data is protected from intrusion between Your browser and the website sets up a secure connection.
To the database client access is only open for him. Your confidential information is closed even for the creators of the site.

Collect a picture with HOBBYKEEPER

If You are a connoisseur of fine art, and painting is an integral part of Your life - the 'Collection of paintings' is created specially for You.
We share Your passion and have tried to make the collecting process as accessible as possible. To create a collection of paintings HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE
• simple,
• convenient,
• safely.

Thanks to our mobile applications You will have constant access to their 'Collection of paintings', not limited by time or space.
Our team of passionate enthusiasts is constantly improving the program to make it as comfortable as possible. Join us and create your own collection of dreams with HOBBYKEEPER!

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