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We are opening a meeting of our club of collectors, where we will discuss with you how we better equip our collections.

Alexander Zakharchenko, Hobby Keeper
For any collector, his collection is not just a collection of rare objects is the ability to get pleasure from viewing it, from showing copies of it to those who are able to assess their rarity, beauty, and market value. Today we will discuss about software for collectors Hobbykeeper and capabilities of the collector's personal area Hobbykeeper Online, and answer all your questions. 10.07.2020
Alexander Zakharchenko, Hobby Keeper
I have a collection of coins in a very dynamic condition – some coins I buy, others sell, and so the time: for me it's a business. But when you sell coins by mail I can't restrict the info that I have, for example, is Catherine nickels or koltsevik Alexander I – I need all the coins add a photo to a specific instance from my collection and make a professional description: the description should 'hook' the buyer, and the photo should convey the degree of preservation of coins – links to pictures from the network will not work here. Similarly, when buying coins I never buy a 'pig in a poke.' Than me in this regard can help Hobbykeeper Online? 10.07.2020

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