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Benefits of Hobby Keeper

Ease of use

A clear interface combined with the ability to manage collections from any device. No additional configuration is required. The collection can be added from Excel files and from the phone's camera in a couple of clicks.


Our servers and data transmission channel have the highest level of protection. Confidentiality of information is guaranteed by enhanced online security certificate. The site does not require you to enter any personal data.

Actual data

Collections are available to you 24/7. You can make changes even when you're offline from a smartphone app or computer program, and then sync your information across all your devices.

Hobby Keeper Online

Collecting without borders

Hobby Keeper Online is a collector's personal online account that makes it easy to organize your collections online in your personal Internet space. At the same time, you can add descriptions and attach photos of items both from a browser on a computer, and on a smartphone or tablet.

You will have access to your personal online collection from anywhere in the world without fear of damage or loss of priceless items. And to demonstrate a collection or part of it, you can simply generate a link and send it to the addressee.

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Apps for IOS

The collection is always at hand

  • Numismatist's safe

    If your passion is numismatics, then this application was created especially for you. With the help of the mobile version, you will get access to your collection even when you are away from your computer - outdoors or on the road.

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  • My philately

    Do you collect stamps but don't have time to write about them? With this mobile application, you can do it at any free moment: in the subway, in a cafe, and even relaxing in a sun lounger.

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  • World of banknotes

    The application for banknote collectors allows you to make the process of collecting even more fun and accessible. Easily add and edit banknote information, upload photos, create reference catalogs.

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  • My postcards

    If you are one of those whose hobby is philocarty, then this application is for you. Download this mobile version to your iPhone and you will be able to collect postcards in any free time.

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  • Painting collection

    Exclusively for collectors and artists. Download this application if you want to streamline your work of creating a catalog of paintings. You can add descriptions and take pictures of paintings directly from your phone.

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Software for WINDOWS

Collect easily - store securely

  • The 'Numismatist's Safe' program was developed specifically for numismatists and allows you to quickly process and organize collection material while saving all the entered information about coins on your computers hard drive.

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  • The program 'My Philately' was created specifically for collectors of postage stamps and other philatelic materials. You can easily enter any amount of information about your collection, add images and photos, as well as files of any type.

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  • The 'World of Banknotes' program is designed specifically for collectors of paper banknotes. With its help, you can create an electronic version of your collection of banknotes by adding appropriate descriptions, images, Internet links and photos.

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  • The 'My Postcards' program was created specifically for philocartist collectors to compile an electronic catalog of a collection of postcards. The program allows you to quickly organize the available material, add photos and descriptions.

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Who chooses Hobby Keeper and why?

Our project is addressed to all connoisseurs of beauty, enthusiastic collectors and those who create works of art themselves. Those who wish to preserve and increase their collection, communicate and discover new things.

The Hobby Keeper provides all collectors with the opportunity to quickly organize collection material with detailed descriptions, links and comments, upload their own photos or downloaded via the Internet. You will learn much more about your collection by keeping track of collectibles in the Hobbykeeper system. And, no less pleasant, you can finally safely show off your wealth!


The Hobby Keeper system is indispensable for those who create works of art with their own hands: artists, sculptors, wood carvers, blacksmiths, hand embroidery masters. With the help of Hobby Keeper you can create an electronic catalog of your products with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos and share links to items with friends and potential buyers. Tell people about your talent!



Watch these videos and learn more about how Hobby Keeper works

Hobby Keeper Online

Spiritual work with your collections in your personal online account.

Numismatist's safe

You can add the obverse of the coin in the program, and the reverse on the personal account page.

My philately

Adding a description and photo of the postage stamp. Synchronization with online account.

User Reviews

I started collecting stamps recently, after I saw her father's collection at a friend's house. I realized that this is mine, I bought the first sets via the Internet. But finding exactly what you need is difficult if you do not have an assistant - a guide. I came across HOBBYKEEPER on insta, went in and played - I liked it. It was very easy to create my first online collection, share it with friends.It's cool that the service provides an opportunity to look at the public directories of other users - there is something to navigate here. Today I already have two of my own thematic online catalogs, I am happy to add new copies to them, add descriptions, rummage through the Internet, study, find useful links, and I manage to do all this on the way to study from my smartphone. Many thanks to HOBBYKEEPER for the opportunity to collect in a new way!


beginner philatelist, Obninsk

Modern technologies provide the opportunity to constantly improve. I wanted to digitize my own collection of coins for a long time, I chose the right service. When I got acquainted with the Numismatist's Safe program, I was pleasantly surprised: compared to others, it feels like it was created by professionals who know a lot about collecting. Designed just for yourself, it allows you to conveniently, quickly and, most importantly, without problems, create as many directories as you need.And in order to add information to them, it is not necessary to sit at home at the computer - the mobile version that I installed on my smartphone allows me to fully work even ... while idle in a traffic jam! Now, in order to exchange or sell a coin, I simply send a link from HobbyKeeper Online to the right addressee, where there is already complete information. In addition, I keep statistics of transactions and have long forgotten what it means to make notes in notebooks. So I recommend, try it, if you are a serious collector, HOBBYKEEPER will come in handy for you!


numismatist, Moscow

I have been doing embroidery for a long time, in my portfolio there are already more than 1000 works. I give something away, and most of it lies on the shelves at home or, at best, hangs on the walls in frames. The idea to create my own collection of embroideries arose a long time ago, but work at school took up all my time. I recently retired, and the thought of the collection has become more insistent. And when my former students posted a link to the HOBBYKEEPER website, I realized: there will be collections!I want to express special gratitude to the developers of the idea - everything is so thought out, and, most importantly, simple that I work with great pleasure. I created an online account, and then everything somehow turned out by itself! I add photos and descriptions, send links to friends, colleagues and former students, and recently I received the first order for landscape embroidery in satin stitch. I thought I would miss retirement - with Hobby Keeper it definitely won’t work :)

Oksana Vladimirovna

amateur embroiderer, Samara

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