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Archaemenid Army | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Courage makes the blows of fate insignificant'

Loyalty, courage, bravery... There are eternal concepts in life that are not subject to the influences of time or the transience of morals.

Read more → 23.08.2021

Soviet citizens at a demonstration | Hobby Keeper Articles

'My address is not a house or a street, my address is the Soviet Union'

The generation born in the 60-80s of the last century today remembers with nostalgia the period of its childhood/youth, which fell on the eternal memory of the 'times of stagnation'.

Read more → 21.07.2021

Coin of 5 kopecks, 1807, Russian Empire | Hobby Keeper Articles

The ring of Alexander I

Ringers - this is the name numismatists gave to copper coins minted during the reign of Alexander I from 1802 to 1810 at the Yekaterinburg and Suzun mints.

Read more → 06.07.2021

Coin 25 rubles, reverse, 2018, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Tell me, Snow Maiden, how are you?'

Who does not remember the merry Christmas song about the Snow Maiden, which for more than half a century has been sung from the screens of cinemas/televisions/laptops/tablets by the hapless hare hunter gray Wolf?

Read more → 18.06.2021

Coin of 10 rubles, 1906 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The last chervonets of the last Emperor

July marks the 103-year anniversary of the tragic execution of the Romanov royal family in Yekaterinburg. On the bloody altar of the revolution were sacrificed the lives of people whose names a few years ago were pronounced with reverence and sacred awe.

Read more → 27.04.2021

The postal block of Russia in 1999 with a quote by K. E. Tsiolkovsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

If you really want to, you can fly to the stars

If you are far from physics, and mathematical formulas have never brought you much joy, then it will be difficult for you to understand the theoretical foundations of aerodynamics.

Read more → 16.08.2021

The Borodov sign of Peter's time. The picture in the background is a genre scene from the time of the last Borodov decree of 1722 | Hobby Keeper Articles

When a beard is more expensive than a head

Who would have thought today that a bearded man can cause other associations than the image of masculinity and strength.

Read more → 28.07.2021

$ 5 Coin, Canada, 2019 | Hobby Keeper Articles

Investment coin of the highest quality

'Gold Maple Leaf' – Canadian gold investment coins of different weights and denominations are known by this name.

Read more → 13.07.2021

Coin of 25 rubles, 2019, Russia | Hobby Keeper Articles

Weapons of Victory

Today, the terrible June of the 41st year is far behind us, when 80 years ago, all the speakers sounded 'Get up, the country is huge...'

Read more → 01.07.2021

500 HUF banknote, Hungary, 1946 | Hobby Keeper Articles

A lot doesn't mean good

As life shows, having the status of 'MOST-MOST' is not a guarantee of well-being and success.

Read more → 03.06.2021

Silver kopeck coin, 1598-1605, Russian Kingdom | Hobby Keeper Articles

Boris Godunov's Pskov Kopeck

Boris Godunov as a statesman deserves to highlight in his career not only the period of his stay on the Russian throne (1598-1605), but also the period when he actually determined the policy of the Russian state during the reign of Ivan the Terrible's son, Fyodor Ivanovich (1584-1598).

Read more → 26.04.2021

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