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2021-07-13 Other articles >

Investment coin of the highest quality

5 CAD 2019 0.1 OZ Fine Gold 999.9 24 carat

'Gold Maple Leaf” - Canadian gold investment coins of different weights and denominations are known by this name.
For an investment coin, its nominal value is important only as an additional identifier, the main meaning is to indicate the weight of the coin in troy ounces – it is in them that the price of gold is fixed on international exchanges.
Gold Maple Leaf coins are famous for their high breakdown-the purity of gold in coins is 4 nines – 999.9, and this is higher than the sample of investment coins of American, South African and Russian coinage:
  • 'Gold Maple Leaf' - Canada-999.9
  • ' George the Victorious' - Russia-999.1
  • 'American Gold Eagle' - USA-916.7
  • 'Krugerrand' - South Africa-916.7.
Let's see what is depicted on the gold 5-dollar coin minted in 2019.
On the reverse is a maple leaf, a symbol of the nation. Inscriptions - Canada, 0.1 OZ, Fine Pur Gold, 999.9.
On the obverse-a portrait of the Queen and the inscription-Elizabeth II, 5 dollars, 2019.
About the portrait.
During her long life, Elizabeth II was depicted on coins in different versions of her portrait – from a 25-year-old girl to a pro-grandmother, but in all portraits her majesty always looks from left to right.
When minting coins with a portrait of the Queen, the Commonwealth countries are not obliged to use the version of the portrait of the queen that the English Royal Mint chooses for coins circulating in the UK.
Since 2003, Canada has preferred a portrait by local artist Susanna Blunt for the” Gold Maple Leaf', in which the queen is depicted without a crown with a pearl necklace in one thread.
Susanna Blunt is also known for her portrait of the Queen's cousin Prince Edward, but she draws not only crowned heads: on her website, the artist offers anyone to make a portrait of him based on old photos.
Moreover, she gives private lessons to aspiring artists from the age of 16 via Skype in English, French and Italian at a quite reasonable fee – 80 Canadian dollars for 2 hours of communication: those who wish-welcome to!
I myself am not an artist, but a numismatist: I compared the 'golden maple leaf' minted in 2019 with a gold coin of a similar diameter (16 mm) from my collection – the Byzantine tremiss of Emperor Justinian I, minted in Constantinople in 552 - 565 AD from 900-th gold.
The circle of the Byzantine coin is not geometrically perfect – the points along the perimeter are not equidistant from the center, the edge is not decorated - the edge rings have not yet been invented, there are no radial lines on the obverse and reverse – you can not make them without laser engraving.
What these coins have in common is gold, a noble metal that can save the minter's work for a long time, and this is important for both a numismatist and an investor.

Инвестиционная монета самой высокой пробы

5 долларов 2019, Канада

Country : Канада
Denomination : 5 доллар
Year : 2019
Mint :
Circulation :
Material : Золото
Weight :
Diameter :
Alexander R.

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