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Here you can keep your collections of coins, stamps, banknotes and postcards online in your personal account

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The online personal area allows the collector to keep their collections of coins, stamps, banknotes and cards online.
You only need Internet access and your collection will always be available to you from any device - on a PC, smartphone or tablet.
In addition, the functionality of your personal account allows you to share links to collections with other users.

What's new

  • Create different types of collections online
  • Filtering and searching data
  • Synchronization between PC and online personal area
  • Publishing collections
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Release date : 2020/04/05
  • Platform : WEB
  • License type: Free to try
  • Language : English

Create your collections online.

You can create collections of any of four types: coins, stamps, banknotes or cards.
Collections can be filtered by type.

Add all collectibles to the collection.

You can add unlimited collection items to your collections.
All items will be kept.

Make a description and attach images.

To describe collectibles in your account provides reference and static fields.
When adding images, you can process them using the built-in editor.

Synchronization with the desktop applications.

You can exchange data with Hobby Keeper applications installed locally on your computers. These are the programs 'Numismatist's Safe' - for collecting coins, 'World of banknotes' - for managing a collection of paper money, 'My philately' - for collecting postage stamps and 'My postcards' - for philocartist.

Use filters and search.

Using the filter and search functions, you can quickly access the information you need.
The filter can be added by any characteristics of the subject, the search is carried out on all the filled information.

Share the collection with your friends.

If you want to share information about your collection with someone, use the publish function.
You can give access to all or part of the collection to specific users, all users of your personal account, or publish a link for everyone on the Internet.

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