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2021-06-18 Other articles >

'Tell me, Snow Maiden, how are you?'

Who does not remember the merry Christmas song about the Snow Maiden, which for more than half a century has been sung from the screens of cinemas/televisions/laptops/tablets by the hapless hare hunter gray Wolf? Under this cartoon, our parents, we, and now our children are giggling and admiring watching series after series. Cheerful, happy and joyful, like childhood itself, the cartoon gives children a sense of adulthood, and returns adults to the carefree and crazy state that is inherent in the childhood time.
The cult animated series was created by the most talented people. He absorbed both adult wisdom and experience, as well as childish naivety and belief in a miracle. Language 'Well, wait!'it is clear to everyone without exception, it knows neither semantic, nor state borders, nor age restrictions. Confirmation is the fact that the cartoon was watched by viewers from more than 120 countries (!). According to a survey conducted by the Public Opinion foundation in the Russian Federation, it firmly leads among the favorite cartoons, leaving far behind the broken girlfriend of the Bear Masha, three from Prostokvashino and the American green Shrek.
The idea to create an inseparable couple came to the Soviet screenwriters Alexander Kurlyandsky, Felix Kamov and Arkady Hait. It was with their light hand, as well as thanks to the efforts of director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, that the world learned about the adventures of the Hare and the Wolf, which took place in the conditions of Soviet reality.
The scene where the 'hunt' unfolds is simple and well-known to every viewer: a park, a circus, a stadium, a construction site. Everything is close, clear and so realistic that, it seems, look out the window, and you will see a funny chase.
Actors whose voices sing and say the main characters 'Well, wait!', they showed not only their high professionalism in the voice acting. Anatoly Papanov and Klara Rumyanova gave this work a piece of their heart, making their characters something like themselves. And this is another key to the success of the animated series.

The images of the predictable simpleton Wolf and the cunning Hare remain in the memory of millions of viewers. And for collectors, they are also of interest as an image on the reverse of commemorative 25-ruble coins dedicated to Russian and Soviet animation.
They were minted in July 2018 by the Moscow Mint in the amount of 450 thousand nickel silver coins and 500 thousand of the same coins in color. On the reverse is a relief image of a star couple dancing the tango 'Kumparsita'.
The light also saw the silver 3-ruble coins minted in the same series and dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the cartoon.
What is the MMD, when in 2010-2011 the state of Niue in distant Oceania issued a series of commemorative coins made of 999 silver, dedicated to the famous cartoon. The $ 1 coin depicts a Hare and a Wolf walking arm-in-arm on the deck of a cruise ship (as if there is no eternal antagonism between them).
A couple dancing a tango accompanied by a choir of 'bunny boys' is depicted on the reverse of a silver coin with a face value of $ 2, released in Niue in 2011.
As you can see, the musical theme is close to the numismatists of Niue. Another commemorative 2-dollar silver coin dedicated to ' Well, wait!', contains an image of a Wolf and a Hare singing their Christmas song.
Over the secret of such an incredible success of the animated series, you can puzzle for a long time, argue animators and child psychologists. But it is much more simple than it seems: in fact 'Well, wait!'it was created with great love and knowledge of the business by people who are not indifferent, with a subtle sense of humor and a sense of the taste of life.
Therefore, the cartoon is alive and will live for a very long time, passing from generation to generation that immeasurable feeling of happiness that is available only in childhood.
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