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2021-05-19 Other articles >

Precocious masterpieces

' Only cats will be born quickly ' ‒ the famous phrase of Ostap Bender was challenged by the popular Norwegian artist Espen Olsen Sotervik. And he began to draw pictures. But not just in oils or watercolors.
Being not an ordinary artist, but being the creator of the computer game Halo infinite, he uses modern technologies for his masterpieces. In order for the next picture to be published, the author does not use the usual brushes and palette. Its tool is a graphic tablet and a computer program Paint.
Creating a sci-fi environment is his profile. Therefore, with the works of Sotervik, the viewer is looking at the harsh medieval knights in completely unreal armor,
the cat's sweetness with human smiles on the muzzles/faces.
For lovers of natural beauty, the creative artist offers landscapes of mountains, forest edges or sea waves. Of course, not Aivazovsky, but in order to ignite the audience, it is enough.
At the same time, anyone can repeat the 'feat' ‒ on his Instagram page, Sotervik publishes not only the final results of his own efforts, but also the process itself.
Adherents of the classics may be outraged: but what about the artistic skills, the possession of a brush and the technique of painting?! All this is there, but the tools are used in this case virtual. In the process of creativity, Sotervik does not get dirty with paint, and selects the color scheme using the color selection option.
Maybe that's why Sotervik doesn't call his works created in Paint paintings. For them, he uses another term, probably more appropriate in this case ‒ 'quick sketches'.
Seeing them, the sophisticated viewer will immediately catch the connection between the works of the Norwegian and the paintings of Bob Ross. The famous American popularizer of the technique of rapid painting, for sure, would be surprised to see the work of Sotervik. After all, they are created in just a couple of hours, and to learn how to draw in the same way, it is enough to get acquainted with the sketching technique ‒ quick drawing. Therefore, anyone can become the creator of an exclusive landscape. Paint will help you.
Does such accessibility devalue the very process of creating works of fine art? The concept artist thinks not. On the contrary, such popularization allows the mass audience to arouse a lively interest in somewhat forgotten canvases Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci. And the fact that you can draw on your favorite computer, pleases and inspires the younger generation of Internet users.
Of course, you can't sell such a thing at auctions, and you can't put it up in museums. But you can create your own, unique rarity, which, even if it will not reach high standards, but will warm and please. Because no one else in the world will have such a sketch.
Program HOBBYKEEPER ONLINE allows you to create and multiply your own online collection pictures, coins, brands, postcards, banknotes filling it with the rarest and most unique rarities. A large set of thoughtful options will help you find the necessary information in personal account in just a couple of clicks. You can easily take your archive to work, on vacation, and even on a trip around the world-thanks to the adapted version of Programs. The collection can be accessed from any mobile device 24/7.
Join us ‒ and the impossible will become possible, and the inaccessible will become available together with Hobby Keeper!

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