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2020-09-07 Other articles >

Frida Kahlo: the bitter beauty of suffering

Frida Kahlo was often called a female follower of Salvador Dali, but she believed that her work was based not on ephemeral allusions of Surrealists, but on the personal pain of loss and betrayal. Becoming a model for many feminists, Frida lived a short but incredibly bright life, which she left to posterity to judge.
When you look at the paintings of the Mexican artist, you feel as if you are floating in the ocean - an endless ocean of colors, bright spots and sunlight. Trouble in the life of Magdalena Carmen Frida was enough: at the age of six, the baby had polio, as a result of which one leg was thinner than the other. Ignoring the taunts of the children, the girl persistently chased the ball around the football field, went to the pool and even boxed a pear.

Since childhood, Frida has been used to masking her suffering - a smile on her face, a crippled leg covered with an elegant skirt. 'The most ridiculous thing in the world is a tragedy', - the artist considered, having perfected her ability to be cheerful. And only in the pictures you can see her relentless pain.
It is noteworthy that in her youth, Magdalena did not think about a career as a painter - she wanted to become a doctor, and even entered a medical College. But at the age of seventeen, the girl got into a terrible accident while riding a bus. As a result-a broken spine, a shattered leg, thirty-two operations...

Perhaps fate in such a terrible way suggested to Frida Kahlo her true path, because, lying in a hospital bed, the girl suddenly felt an irresistible craving for drawing. She began to paint self-portraits, the 'feature' of which were fused eyebrows and the lack of a smile on her face, as well as ethnostille in clothing and ornaments.
The artist's paintings are striking in their revelation, often shocking ('My birth', 'Just a few scratches', 'Bus', 'Dorothy Hale's Suicide'), dark thoughts ('the Girl with the mask of death',' without hope',' Henry Ford Hospital'), but never leave anyone indifferent. Other paintings, on the contrary, carry life-affirming motifs: 'Me and my parrots', ' Long live life!'.
Frida Kahlo's paintings are alive, they speak to those who look at them, reflecting the inner world of their Creator, and convey her mood... From Magdalena's famous painting 'Wounded deer', an elegant animal with the face of the artist herself looks at the viewer - those who knew Frida closely associated her with a fallow deer - trembling, vulnerable, emotional...
She and her husband, the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, were often called the elephant and the dove. They were an outstanding couple - the petite, fragile Kahlo and the tall, awkward Rivera, whose appearance, however, did not prevent him from having numerous Affairs. After all, the artist was very charming. 'I've had two accidents in my life: when a bus collided with a tram, and when I met Diego,' Frida joked about this.
Although her lifestyle was also far from perfect. Knowing about her husband's infidelity, Kahlo in 1937 had an affair with the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, from whom she 'took away his mind and returned youth'. Trotsky was affectionately called 'the goat' by the artist because of his gray hair and beard.

Both spouses were ardent Communists, and out of the kindness of their hearts, they sheltered a runaway revolutionary in their home. She was also credited with amorous Affairs with Vladimir Mayakovsky.
Despite the constant scandals in the couple, the woman constantly dreamed of a child - but, alas, because of the injuries received in the accident, she was never destined to know the happiness of motherhood. Children for the artist were her paintings, because each of them Magdalena wrote with love. Probably because of this, Frida Kahlo's works are considered the property of Latin American culture.

In 2002, an autobiography of the same name was made with the magnificent Salma Hayek in the title role, and the Maldives issued commemorative stamps with her portrait for the 60th anniversary of Kahlo's death.
The same sad date is dedicated to a series of two blocks, which consists of 4 and 1 stamps. It was released in 2014 by the postal service of the Republic of Togo.
In 2001, Frida Kahlo became the first Mexican woman to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp.
In 2010, a 500-peso banknote with a self-portrait of her husband was issued in the artist's homeland. On the back of the bill is a picture of Kahlo, Dating from 1949, which shows her.
The Republic of Cameroon has introduced a silver coin dedicated to an outstanding Mexican woman. The entire edition was minted at the Polish mint. The coin has a colorful design and stylish design, where a beautiful woman looks out, surrounded by flowers. But her eyes are sad. Under the portrait is stamped the caption: 'Viva la vida' - the credo of Frida Kahlo herself, because her whole life is an affirmation of the joy of earthly existence and love that is stronger than death.
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