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The postal block of Russia in 1999 with a quote by K. E. Tsiolkovsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

If you really want to, you can fly to the stars

If you are far from physics, and mathematical formulas have never brought you much joy, then it will be difficult for you to understand the theoretical foundations of aerodynamics.

Read more → 16.08.2021

Quarter blocks of stamps with nominal value 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 cop., USSR | Hobby Keeper Articles

'We are ours, we will build a new world'

A lot of postage stamps are devoted to their own history of development. After all, Lenin called the construction of socialism in 1918 an 'empty phrase' if there is no postal and telegraph communication in the country.

Read more → 04.08.2021

Soviet women in the 1930s | Hobby Keeper Articles

Something about sports, friendship and world peace

'Oh, sport, you are the world' ‒ the members of the Red Sports International thought and decided to show the bourgeoisie that the proletarians are no worse.

Read more → 24.06.2021

Painting "Bathing the Red Horse", 1912 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The horses are red, but not dappled

One of the most striking examples of my collection of paintings is a series of stamps dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Read more → 05.05.2021


The Russians don't give up

Despite the official boycott of the XXII Olympic Games by the antagonist countries of the USSR, the Olympic capital Moscow hosted 5,179 athletes from 80 countries in 1980.

Read more → 13.04.2021

First Postcard | Hobby Keeper Articles

'We often praise the former, not knowing that we only praise the latter.'

Send a postcard to your beloved grandmother for the New Year or drop a few lines to a friend-today this is a common thing. Moreover, modern e-cards allow you to do all this in just one click.

Read more → 05.04.2021

Postage stamp "75 years since the birth of I. V. Stalin", USSR, 1954 | Hobby Keeper Articles

'Our banner of victory, our Stalin!'

The historical period of time when the sole power in the Country of the Soviets belonged to one person, known as Stalin, is both vivid and tragic at the same time.

Read more → 12.08.2021

Lenin-Marx-Engels | Hobby Keeper Articles

The second after the first or the first before the second?

'The Holy Trinity' Lenin-Marx-Engels was the most famous union in the Soviet Union.

Read more → 07.07.2021

Misspelled sheet: "POSTAL MENS OF TRANSPORT" | Hobby Keeper Articles

When a letter matters

Of course, you can pass a school essay, in which instead of 'painting' write 'zHyvopis'. In that case, the negligent student is threatened with 'failure' (for ZHI-SHI write through And!) and the deprivation of some rights and freedoms on the part of parents.

Read more → 13.05.2021

Indian Inverter, 1854 | Hobby Keeper Articles

The Beggar's Pearl

After the wealthiest dynasty in history ‒ the Mughal dynasty ‒ had died out, in the mid-19th century there were many contenders to replace it as the rulers of India.

Read more → 23.04.2021

Munich Beer hall 'Burgerbreukeller' | Hobby Keeper Articles

Point of No Return: Beer Hall Putsch

Looking into the future, you always analyze the past. To avoid mistakes and not to step on the same rake. Remembering the events that took place in the world in the first half of the twentieth century, a wild horror takes hold at the thought that the Second World War may happen again, and the ice killers in the form of the SS will appear somewhere again.

Read more → 07.04.2021

Sigismund Levanevsky | Hobby Keeper Articles

Your Honor, Lady Luck

'For whom are you kind, and for whom otherwise' ‒ this is exactly what can be said about the colossal luck or fatal fate that pursued the famous Soviet hero, Stalin's favorite pilot Sigismund Levanevsky. Moreover, both during his lifetime and after his mysterious disappearance.

Read more → 22.03.2021

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