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2021-04-20 Other articles >

Turkish Perfection

Refined taste, fashionable clothes, European manners-this is what first comes to mind when it comes to the first President of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Even his name ‒ Kemal-means 'perfection'in Turkish.
He not only became a style icon for his contemporaries, but also forever went down in history as a bold and progressive politician. It is thanks to him that Turkey has turned into a developed state in 15 years, leaving behind centuries-old prejudices. The lazy, bearded, narrow-minded Turkish sultans were replaced by an active and educated man who put his homeland on a par with the developed European states.
In the 20s of the twentieth century, Turkey entered as the 'sick man of Europe', having long lost its former power. By this time, it had already lost its vast possessions in Europe and North Africa, and after the Peace of Sevres, its territory was completely occupied by the Entente troops.
Against this background, a hero who could restore the historical greatness of Turkey simply had to appear. He became a combat officer Mustafa Kemal, who was seasoned in the battles of the First World War. He clearly understood that the future of Turkey is connected with its independence and the complete renewal of the centuries-old rotten Sharia state system.
Rallying around the same like-minded people, exactly 101 years ago, in April 1920, he convenes his own parliament in Ankara. Since then, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (today it is called the Mejlis) decides all state issues, and Mustafa Kemal is considered its first honorary chairman.
The new national leader rushed to a bright future at supersonic speed, sometimes shocking others with his decisions. He is often called the Turkish Peter I ‒ just as sharply he fought with the remnants that Turkey inherited after a centuries-old period of rule of the sultans.
Having received an excellent secular education, Kemal was convinced that not fat sultans and not hungry people who call themselves dervishes would lead the country to prosperity. Only nationality and republicanism are the key to a happy future for Turkey, and this statement formed the basis of the official ideology of the Republic of Turkey.
Instead of the famous Peter the Great beard cutting, Mustafa Kemal declares war on fezs-traditional Turkish men's headdresses. In 1925, the 'Hat Act' was passed, according to which anyone who wore a fez or turban could be fined or taken into custody for up to six months.
The 'father of all Turks' himself favored European fashion and was always dressed to the nines. Expensive suits made of foreign fabrics, a taste for fine drinks (the strength of which far exceeded the traditional Turkish tea), the company of beautiful women ‒ why not? After all, one thing does not interfere with the other, as Atatürk believed.
For him, it was not impossible, in achieving the goal (state, political, love), he made a lot of effort. Polygamy was banned in the country, and for the first time women were able to get voting rights, education, and remove the veil. As a result, Turkey has its own doctors, teachers, lawyers, who became representatives of the beautiful half.
Preferring the society of women of the new age, he chose a life partner that corresponds to such characteristics. In search of perfection, Ataturk tied his fate with a Turkish woman, Latife Ushaklygil. She studied law in Europe and was fluent in French. However, he did not take into account that the liberated and enlightened wife would not put up with his numerous affairs, and even want to influence the decision-making of state decisions.
The reverse side of the coin was quite unexpected, and the couple broke up after a couple of years of living together.
His only love and passion was Turkey. Here he was born, fought for it, gave it all his intellectual and spiritual strength. It is here that his remains rest after his death in November 1938.
Of course, there are different ways to evaluate the activities of a person who defended his political ideals with weapons in his hands. After all, it was under his command that Turkish troops burned the ancient city of Smyrna, where more than 200 thousand Christians died. The Allies called him 'the most terrible of all the terrible Turks' and Hitler 'the brightest star'.
At home, Atatürk holds the honorary title of the founder of the modern Turkish state. Grateful descendants erected the mausoleum 'Anytkabir' in his honor, and in 1971 the Central Bank of Turkey minted gold investment coins with a face value of 250 kurush.
The image of Kemal Ataturk is placed on the obverse, and the reverse is decorated with a wreath of ears and branches of oak, as well as the inscription: 'Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'. The weight of the coin is 18.04 grams, and the pure gold in it is 16.5 grams.
This copy is a coveted rarity for any collector and is highly valued in the numismatic market (the value of one coin currently exceeds $ 1000).

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