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The 'My Philately' mobile app will help the collector-philatelist catalog the collection of postage stamps on an iOS device. Now your collection will always be with you on your iPhone or iPad.

You can save information about each postage stamp in your collection, add its images and a detailed description.

What's new

  • New mobile app for philatelists
  • The ability to create your own catalog of postage stamps
  • Full compatibility with iOS devices
  • Sync with Hobbykeeper Online service
      • Fixed keyboard display bug

      Postage stamps in smartphone

      Save information about your collection of postage stamps using your iPhone or iPad. You can divide the collection into several thematic collections or store all the information in one. For each collection, you can add an unlimited number of entries - easily replenish your collection!

      Explore each collectible

      How much interesting can a postage stamp tell. It's about outstanding personalities, the sights of different countries, architecture, art, technologies... About everything in the world! Save all this information in the application 'My philately' and you will not need to turn to different sources every time, all information will be at hand.

      Rare, expensive, beloved

      'My philately' app has enough features to describe all your postage stamps. It can be a rare, very valuable copy or a common but very close to your heart collectible, or maybe it the very first... All the characteristics of a postage stamp can and should be saved and the 'My Philately' app will help you with this.

      Look at stamps

      Now you do not need to take a thick collection album from the shelf each time or open three safe locks to watch or show your collection. For each postage stamp in the app, you can add images that can be made directly from the iPhone without leaving the app. Take a picture, save and watch or show when you need it.

      Bought, sold - recorded

      The replenishment of the collection is always an important event. We have been looking for, wanting and waiting for so long - a new postage stamp flaunts in your album! Maybe it will stay there forever, or maybe it will be replaced by another, but this will have to be sold, in any case, all this needs to be recorded. There are two special sections in the app for this - 'Sale' and 'Purchase'.

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