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The 'World of Banknotes' app is created to store and conveniently maintain your own collection of banknotes by a collector-bonist. It will become an indispensable tool for both experienced collectors and beginners.

Now on your mobile device will be able to store, replenish and organize information about banknotes. You will always be aware of what is already in your collection, and what you need to buy or sell.

What's new

  • UI total redesign
  • Separate display modes: Viewing and Editing
  • Image recovery function
  • Double view data modes: List and Tab groups
  • Hobbykeeper Online connection
  • Dark iOS mode
  • iPad UI optimization
  • Keyboard interaction improvement
  • Sync with Hobbykeeper Online service
  • Collection form improvement
      • Fixed keyboard display bug

      Create your collections

      With the 'World of Banknotes' app, you can store all the information about your collection on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, you have the opportunity to divide the collection by topic in a way that is convenient for you. Each banknote collection you create will be presented in the form of a list of records with the ability to add, delete and edit.

      Add banknote information

      To describe the banknote, you can use more than 60 characteristics provided for in the program, most of which are replenished directories. Of course, it is not necessary to fill out all the specifications, you can fill in only the necessary fields and add or change information at any time.

      Set banknote statuses

      To keep abreast of the current state of the collection, do not forget to pay for new acquisitions, send banknotes to the buyer or pick up parcels in the mail - set statuses for the elements of your collection. To do this, enter the necessary statuses in the status directory as you wish. For example, 'In stock', 'In delivery', 'Paid', 'Sold out', 'I want to collection' and save them for your banknotes.

      Take a picture

      For each banknote in the collection, you can add images of obverse and reverse. Just take a photo of the banknote from your iOS device and these photos will be saved in the database. You can also download photos from the image gallery if you already have photos or you downloaded images from the Internet. In addition to photographs, you can fill out a detailed description of the obverse and reverse of the banknote, and make the necessary notes.

      Save transaction data

      Most likely, to replenish your collection, you buy new banknotes on online platforms or in specialized stores. And also sell something from your collection when you have duplicates or want to replace an instance. To store this important information in the banknote record, sections on transactions are provided: 'Purchase' and 'Sale'. There you can specify the details of the counterparty, the date of the transaction, the price, as well as leave a small comment.

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